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Subject: France to send reinforcement in A-Stan
FCUS    6/5/2009 2:12:54 PM
Hervé Morin, France's defense secretary, announced this morning that 3 Tigers combat helicopters will be sent to Afghanistan this summer. They will replace the aging Gazelles already in place there. The french army is also planning on sending 2 transport chopper EC725 Caracals.
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FCUS       6/5/2009 7:17:43 PM

The Eurocopter Tigers will operate WITH the Gazelles, they will not replace them.

Pumas helicopters will be sent instead of the EC725 Caracals.

The total French helicopter contribution will therefore be:
- three Tiger attack helicopters
- three Caracal SAR/Medevac/Transport/etc helicopters
- three Gazelle light 'armed reconnaissance' helicopters 
- two Cougar medium transport helicopters

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Herald12345    Good....    6/5/2009 7:22:05 PM
and thanks.
We need all the help we can get.
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FCUS       6/29/2009 1:34:33 PM
It's now official :

France will send eight Caesar SPA in Afghanistan this summer.

This is the first operational deployment of this new artillery system, 
truck-mounted and built by Nexter (formerly Giat). It is also 
a significant enhancement of military capabilities in French
Afghanistan, the soldiers presently being equipped with heavy 120mm mortars. 

The eight Caesar will be divided into four groups of two, with two 
guns in each of the FOB (Forward operationnal base) and two
others in reserve in Kabul. 

The vast range of its 155 mm gun, about 40 km, covers the valleys and most of the sector assigned to the french forces in Kapissa and Surobi and thus can be used directly from the FOB.

The Caesar will be served by men of the 11th Field Artillery Marine Regiment of the Lande d'Ouée (Ille-et-Vilaine, brittany). This deployment 
require sending a reinforcement of sixteen gunners (avanced observers 
and specialized mechanics). 

The 120-mm mortars will remain in A-stan and will operate with the CAESAR guns.
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FCUS       7/24/2009 5:09:14 AM
Forgot to mention something about the CAESARs:

Caesar will fire the IM ammunition (insensitive munition) developed by Nexter. IM can not explode under RPG fire or 12.7 mm which is convenient for storage in the FOBs or transport by convoy. 
Another advantage, even abandoned or unexploded, IM shells can not be used as IEDs. 
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