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Subject: Russia Recruits Exiled Afghan Operators
SYSOP    1/30/2023 6:01:20 AM
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Docduracoat       1/30/2023 9:11:10 AM
To Toryu88, The Afghan commandos actually performed admirably during the last phase of the Afghan war. It was the regular Afghan army, the armed police,and all the support troops that collapsed. Once the commandos no longer had any source of resupply, they were unable to hold.
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voland       1/30/2023 3:28:36 PM
@Docduracoat I was not in Afghanistan, so my opinion is based on the events described by the others. The commandos may have performed OK when the US was providing the main battle force and air cover, but once that was removed, they showed themselves lacking both initiative and skills. That is exactly the environment they are going to have in Ukraine. I would second @Toryu88's sarcasm.
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