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Subject: Call In A Specialist For Instant Relief
SYSOP    4/16/2021 5:23:44 AM
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hexit4       4/16/2021 5:53:46 AM
Thinking out of the box,and real world validation with the freedom to make changes based on real world operations.
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violentnuke       4/20/2021 6:38:08 PM
Well, since the Green Beret train Afghan commandos, they are the ones with the best intel on the ground. Now the ideological control freaks at the CIA might not like it, but it shows how painstakingly crazy it is to try to make these paranoiac bureaucrats trust their troops and intel. This happened when the so called cream of the crop Seals started getting kidnapped in Kabul and some CIA person got whacked by an Afghan on site. Then guess who they had to call for help reluctantly? Green Beret and their native commandos. This is a sociological evolution that is way overdue. The current admin does not like the anthropological know how of the Green Berets, though.
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