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Subject: Navy SEAL's BUD CLASS 234
Rickyskeet    3/29/2006 2:23:25 PM
I don't know if any one has seen or heard of this documentary but for anyone interested it's an inside look(at least as inside as possible) at a BUDS class from beginning to end. It primarily focuses on Phase 1 but follows the class through Phase 2(diving) and 3(firearms and ground warfare). It's great to see the mindset of the instructors and class members as they grind through the "hellish" process.
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bob the brit       9/2/2008 1:21:00 PM

Someone posted a picture of me in 234 and I was labeled "SBU GUY!"

HAHA! I'm noticing a combined repeater on all my posts.... And a few other posts of others?

IT's a google parallel processing thing...

let me guess, the SBU in this case stands for "Silly Boy Thinks-he's-a-seal" Guy?
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