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Subject: naval asymmetric defence
thruster    1/12/2009 11:06:54 PM
hi, ive been away for ages. back then i asked a question re .50cals as asymmetric defence. im still curious? the navy has spent abit on mini typhoon .50cal systems, and since [awhile ago] there was footage of the USN destroying a pirate vessel, with an auto cannon [20-25mm?]. Q1: has anybody actually heard of anyone electively using a .50cal to destroy a vessel instead of an autocannon weapon option? if your gunna trust it as your asymmetric defence system then surely it would be good enough? i predict nobody has..... Q2: the RAN is great at PR pics of .50cal shoots, every exercise has them. but how many crates of ammo does it take to sink a stationary illegal fishing boat with a .50cal? extrapolate that to a few fast moving armoured bomb-boats. i cant see that the RAN is serious.
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gf0012-aust       1/17/2009 7:33:42 AM
But then again lasing a threat for a guided 5" round would fix just about any problem anyway.

As for massed attacks from small craft a 5" airburst would ruin their day at a greater stand off distance than a burst from a small auto cannon or HMG.
I suppose the value of small cal auto cannon RWS is as the primary weapon on support vessels that don't have a 3 or 5" main gun and as a graduated response for warships on policing  missions where you don't want the expense of lobbing a 5" round across the bows of an illigal fishing vessel or suspected smuggler.

Again, context, but if you can kill the leaker at BVR with your main gun and a helo - why would you risk letting anyone come within 20-30mm or RPG range?  Air burst, rotors, main gun direct contact etc.. are all far more "responsible" in standing off and killing them before they can get into small ballistics range. If they got within RPG range then I'd suspect that the commander would be driving a desk within the week.

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