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Subject: FBE and Richmond during christmas?
stingray1003    1/1/2009 7:37:50 PM
Did anyone get any pics of Fleet base east or Richmond airbase over the christmas holidays? 8 Ships at FBE and at least 10 C-130's at Richmond. Don't know where all the C-17's went? There were frequent C-17 flights all through Oct and December (us C-17 involved as well).
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DropBear       1/1/2009 11:53:22 PM
Do you mean you saw C-17's at Richmond and wasn't sure where they were flying out to, or did you mean you didn't see any at all there (considering 37SQN is based at Amberley)?
Can't say I have seen any at Amberley, as they always seem to be on the move.
Were the Hercs foreign?
One would normally expect to see more than 10 RAAF Hercs at Richo anyway.
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stingray1003       1/2/2009 6:13:00 AM
 There was lots of C-17 activity out at Richmond leading up to christmas. usually 1 at times 3 or more  (I think 2 were US C-17?). All sorts of flying, sharp turns, short take offs, etc. It was almost a daily occurance. They didn't fly far (maybe to inner western sydney then back again usually).
But they have gone. Replaced with the hercs which were conspiciously missing during this period. Some must be foreign because theres atleast 3 different paint schemes sitting out on the runway.
 An what looks like a french plane still out the back. And Im still bumping into lots of singaporians so they are still around as well.
 FBE was packed. A couple of FFG's, a swag of ANZAC's, Tobruk pretty sure kanimbla was there too. Would have made a nice shot from somewhere on the harbour.
 Was kinda hoping for a dump and burn with a F-111 for NYE... Are they
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south2       1/4/2009 4:14:40 PM
The C-17's are based at Amberly, hence why they wouldnt be sitting on the ramp.  They may have been down there to pick up stuff, however they also do quite a bit of training as well hence why they may have been doing some strange stuff, or possibly both.
WRT multi coloured Hercs,  the H's are getting repainted from the old camo to a dark grey, so there would be 3 different paint schemes.
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