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Subject: Riverfire 2008
DropBear    8/31/2008 9:39:44 PM
Did the locals catch one of the last great performances from the Pig the other night? Sad to think we may only get one more dump and burn display next year before their retirement.
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DropBear       9/1/2008 11:58:00 AM
I Probably shouldn't say this, but I had never hear of Riverfire until last weekend...... :(  (I hope I haven't been missing too much....).
How big is that rock you've been living under, eh??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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AdvanceAustralia    Damn censors   9/1/2008 12:58:35 PM
The UAE has its own version of the PRC's "great firewall" and this has blocked even the photo DB has posted. No hope of following the link.
It looks like I've seen my last dump and burn.

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