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Subject: cars we have owned.
gf0012-aust    8/17/2006 9:09:33 PM
in light of the other thread about cars and capability, I'm curious as to what cars have been favourites and owned by us... for me there are a few, and I've always tinkered with them a bit. start to finish my favourite cars (in no partic order) owned were as follows:
  • mini, '66. dumped suspension, worked motor and honda 650 megaphones for a split system
  • HK Monaro. Worked 186. yella terra head, saginaw GB.
  • HJ Sandman (errrgh) 253V8
  • Falcon XA Panel Van. Leyland P-76 Alloy V8, Offenhauser intake off a Buick, Holley 650 dbls.
  • Falcon XT. Worked 302, dumped suspension
  • Falcon XW GT. Worked 351 2 barrel
  • Falcon XY GTHO.
  • XY Wagon. 351 4bl. Modified Geelong Block (the best of all the Ford small block V8's)
  • Falcon XA 2 door. Orig motor replaced with a worked 221. Cast exhaust manifold cut and replaced with a ported and rippled mod. Holley 650 dbl pumper. custom XU-1 grind on the cam, solids. it was almost undriveable at idle. the cam used to make it bump and grind a bit at the lights. never ran official times on it, but I once cleaned up a mates Transit that had a modified 406 and FMX installed.
  • Toyota Dyna twin cab. mid mounted 351, ZF gear box from a busted Pantera. I used to run it at the Darwin Drags out at McDonnel Air Strip. Ran low 13's.
  • 76 Range Rover. 351 windsor 4bl. C6 with a shift kit. Dual fuel. Currently sitting in shed in the middle of a rebuild.
  • 2000 Mercedes Vito. Chipped and lowered 3" by factory. AFAIK its the only factory lowered Vito registered. It handles like a big fat mini cooper S - and will out corner quite a few of the rice burner boy racer pretenders. I had a couple of show cars in my early 20's during my brain fart stage. I've had 2 bikes. A Honda 300 Dream (weighed as much as a BSA 650 Thunderbolt!) and a Suzuki GTR Ramair. The Sook is in the mangroves off of Nightcliff as a legacy of exuberant but totally skill-less riding during a "Hungi". ;)
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    Aussie Digger    RE:cars we have owned. bikes   8/19/2006 9:14:56 PM
    Quote: "I'm getting a bike this summer, I'm thinkin ZZR, ZX2R or maybe a CBR if I can get one at the right price, outside chance is a suzuki across". I'm thinking about a Kawasaki Motard later in the year too.
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    8486cofe    RE:eon - snowboarding   8/20/2006 4:53:00 AM
    Snowboarding? "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" Nah rubbish. I was just lucky to enough to follow an old dream and found myself in the right place at the right time and got in at the very start of it in Oz with the best in the game at the time. I've never been that much into sport(I was an unadulterated rev head). I will say that riding fresh pow-(powder snow) through trees down steeps has to be done to understand what it really is all about. My good surfing mates tell me the only other thing like it is to be inside a perfect barrel. The last time I went snowboarding I took a 27yo chick that I was studying with and had the hots for. At the time the broken leg that was screwed togeather seems like it was OK. I broke my arm trying to protect my leg when I had a lose on ice at speed. happens. End of the trip and we get the biggest 24hour dump that I've ever seen, a metre+ of fresh pow overnight. So the next/last day there I riding metre+ deep fresh pow getting faceshots feeling no pain whatsoever. f'ing insane. I could write a book on snowboarding but I doubt anyone would read it. But try it if you ever get a chance. takes a week to learn enough to access most parts of any mountain. The 1st week can be hard but I knew a surfie chick who was riding black diamond slopes on her first day. :)
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    scraw    RE:eon - snowboarding   8/20/2006 5:38:07 AM
    My brother made a mess of his wrist up at Hotham, anyway, I was standing at the clinic desk paying and I hear 'Nah I'm ok'. Turn around and see the guy sitting there stand up, promptly vomit all over the floor and fall back into the chair. Could be worse though, my two serious skiier mates have both seem a few fatalities and numerours bad injuries.
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    8486cofe    RE:eon - snowboarding   8/20/2006 7:16:16 AM
    yep ya get deadun's every year - rocks, trees, high speed no helmets - dead set guarantee for a few fatalities. But as they say Go Fast or Go Home. ;)
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    PlatypusMaximus    RE:cars we have owned.   8/20/2006 8:34:58 AM
    Is it true that WRX stands for: Giant Ugly Fin?
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    Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:eon - snowboarding   8/20/2006 3:22:32 PM
    broken bones or a dislocated shoulder (another common snowboard injury) are much more preferable to blowing a knee (typical skier injury).
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    eon    RE:Nan - snowboarding vs. skiing, motorcycles   8/21/2006 5:17:42 PM
    I used to cross-country (skijoring), and I >do< suspect that it contributed to my present knee problems with rheumatoid arthritis. Though at the time, a therapist swore it was >good< for me in the same area. (Go figure.) My two friends who got whammed while on cycles were riding alone, and both fell victim to "other-driver-with-head-up-a$$" syndrome. To wit; 1. Riding 90cc Honda behind pickup, maintaining ACD, looked down to check tach due to sputter- just as pickup driver, realizing he's missed his turnoff, slams on brakes, puts truck in Reverse, and >floors gas pedal< to back up without looking in rear view first. My friend went over the dummkoff's tailgate, breaking his right leg in three places in the process. (Trashed the Honda, too.) 2. Other friend was riding 165cc Puch, going to local store for a loaf of bread. Guy tries to pass him, cuts back in too close, and whangs front wheel and fork with his back corner. The Puch went over, and my friend skidded about 150 ft. down a tarmac'd road, wearing a T-shirt, cutoff jeans, and sneakers. He ended up losing about 2/3 of the skin on the right side of his body, spent a month in hospital, and then 6 mos. at home, recuperating, mostly laying on his left side while they used a lot of the same procedures they use on serious burn cases on him. Moral of course is to wear your leathers or ballistic nylon >every< time you get on the scoot. Plus a helmet, of course, and boots and (for G*d's sake) gloves. Cheers. eon
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    DarthAmerica    RE:cars we have owned.   8/21/2006 6:17:47 PM
    In order of ownership... 1985ish Jeep Cherokee"> 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee...Got Carjacked...:("> 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited...Thank God for insurance...;)"> 1997 Acura CL 2.2"> 2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000(Still Have)"> 2003 Hummer H2(Still Have)"> 2006 Mustang GT Coupe(Still Have)"> Colors are acurate except for the Acura and the Bike. All have had mods to electronics and/or engines except the Mustang which I will work on when I have time to drive it. Well get soon...">
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned.   8/22/2006 2:12:02 AM
    I would love to get the latest C6 Vette in Atomic Orange. Unfortunately they cost well over $130K and I'd have to drive for over six hours to pick it up from the only East Coast Dealership in the country. Doh! At least I can dream...
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    DarthAmerica    RE:cars we have owned. - DropBear   8/22/2006 6:54:58 PM
    Drop, If you are ever serious about getting a Vette, get in touch with me. You wont spend anything near $130K. -DA
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