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Subject: Answers to Shirrush ( Turkiye-Iran Senerio)
Exile    3/1/2006 8:45:46 AM
Shirrus , Iran has no reason to do something like this. The only matter between Turkiye and Iran is Iran's fanatical Islamic regime and the activities of Iran supported terrorist groups at the south-eastern ,Turkiye-Iran border. Turkiye's natonial arms' ideal and structure is on defending country. Not waging wars because of suspicions and (might be) threats. why i think so 1- Turkey's economic structure isn for a long termed war. 2- US and Israel didnt do anything useful about Turkey interests in the region. 3-the sensivity of Turkey about Kurdish etnic groups is still disturbing Turkish people and goverment 4-the idea of a "free kurdish republic" isnt approved by Turks. Turkey doesnt want a puppet republic between the strategical points in middle-east and Turkeys borders 5-Kurds are ethnic groups of north of Iraq just like the Turkmens.the authority taken that place is not equal.Before the elections Turkmens was forcely immiggrated. the elections are beyond sense 6-If Israel and Us decides to take common operations and these movements are aganist Turkey's interests. Iran might be an allied force. 7- Turkish economics is unfortunately depent on US. If Turkey doesnt support US in Iran politics, US would use money power and insist on about repayings of Turkey. It would cause a massive economic crisis in Turkey.but Turkey could hardly overcome that crisis and the goverment and people wont see US ally from ths time. in spite of that Turkey would be a part of Eurasian Union and might be close with Russia. US would lose only ally in this region so Us' maintaning a balance policy now. careful and clever about this. using press power , civil associatians, and helping fundings to gain supporters. 8-Some very clever writers "Ahmet Taner Kýslalý,Ugur Mumcu,Necip Hablemitoglu) are assasinated. all the US supported presses fingered fanatical Islamist groups organized by Iran. its a very suspicous event. Lots of writers and strategists tell about these murders are planned by CIA and Mossad. 9-US Senate still talks about false theses of Armeninan Genocide theory.Although Ottoman archieves are opened ,these theses are disturbing.US must use its power if wants to gain Turkish support aganist its strugle for Iranian Nucleer Project.
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kane    RE:Answers to Shirrush ( Turkiye-Iran Senerio)   3/1/2006 8:50:26 AM
i agree
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Exile    RE:Answers to Shirrush ( Turkiye-Iran Senerio)   3/1/2006 8:51:38 AM
oupss!! i wrote them to wrong thread. sorry :((
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Shirrush    RE:Exile's answers (Turkiye-Iran Scenario)   3/2/2006 3:25:46 PM
Whew! It's about time! I don't mind the unruly thread proliferation. Tab browsing makes near-simultaneous viewing possible, if not really convenient. You alluded to the assassination of "writers" Ahmet Taner Kýslalý, Ugur Mumcu, and Necip Hablemitoglu, and to various conspiracy theories around what seems to me a very significant event, that as a matter of course went totally unreported by our navel-gazing media. Care to expound? When did that happen? What were they writing about? Who had sufficient motive to bump them? Also, I'd be grateful if you could dispel some of my guilty ignorance of Turkish politics, since I've asked soooo nicely in yet another thread:
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