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Subject: i have to learn more
kane    12/8/2005 1:44:43 PM
i see i act like a fool sometimes.(many times :D ) i should learn more about my nations history. questions.. 1)Are the mongols i know we came from same roots. 2)i think whole nomad people came from same roots.Do they? 3)to PARS:i said turks were shamanists and you said they were believing in goktanrý religion.that's right but their religious men were that right. +where did you learn English.+how can you stay that calm and are you writing in a turkish forum? 4)who has an idea of opeth concert in march 29th.what is the best rock/metal group in turkey?
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Pars    RE:Kane   12/8/2005 5:39:42 PM
1. Mongols are not Turk but culturally very influenced by Turks. By definition the tribes who were part of GokTurk state are called as Turks. Several tribes that move West before the foundation of Gokturk state can be called as pro-Turks such as Huns and Bulgars. 2. Not all nomad cultures came from the same root. There are 3 main nomadic cultures. a. Indo-Europeans such as Scythians, Cimmerians, Alans. They are the earliest nomadic cultures. Probably Turks learned the horse breeding and nomadic life from a Yue-Chi (known as Yecuc in Islamic resources) invasion. There is a possibility that Easternmost Scythian tribes known also as Sakas included a Turkish element. But I found the reasoning as weak. b. Turkish cultures. Earliest known Turkic state in history are Hsiung-Nu (translated as magnificient slaves from Chinese in Turkey we know them as Asian Huns). Although the word Turk was not used until GokTurk state. Before them is not known. According the Turan and Creation myths of Turks, before an invasion of an enemy cultures, Turks were farmers. They had to start a nomadic life to beat the enemy. Once entered the history, Turks generally tried to invade other lands. Indo-Europeans nomads were generally not invaders, they were raiders. Therefore we can assume that Indo-European nomads have low numbers to let them a nomadic life in their steppes. On the contrary the original Turkish homeland was too small to support a nomadic life for the Turks. That is the reason I believe they were farmers until 500 BC. 3. Mongol-Tatars. Mongols-Tatars are not known in ancient times. Their culture is highly influenced by Turkish culture but they speak a clearly different language. Probably they were living in the Tundras at ancient times but then in later times they moved to South when most of the Turks migrated west to the todays Mongolia. 3. Turks were not shamanist. Earliest Turkologs thoght that they were shamanist. In fact GokTengri religion is very complex and have simlar dualism as ancient Iranian religions. Religious men were called as Kam. There were 2 main Gods 1 that is worshiped the Sky God. The other one is acknowledged but not worshipped the Earth God. Earth God was not an opposite of Sky God (it was not Evil). Probably Turks quit worshipping the Earth God when they started nomadic life. a. I learned English in high school and Univercity. I can stay calm when even I am angry. I do not write in a Turkiah forum. I do not know any as good as Startegy Page (as a site). 4. I do not listen rock/metal much. So I do not know any good Turkish rock/metal group. I prefer pop, clasic or new age.
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kane    RE:learning   12/9/2005 9:31:51 AM
Pars you know too many things and i believe i can learn more from you.
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kane    RE:hahaha   12/21/2005 7:56:23 AM
no sorry FORGET what i wrote. just forget them.(am i using wrong words) :D :P
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