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Subject: TURKS(if you want to write comments read)
kane    11/8/2005 4:59:03 PM
Turkish nation has a history of 4000 years.their motherland is central asia(which still contains turkish nations like azerbeycanikazakistan,türkmenistan,özbekistan) turks were not muslim in the beginning.the were shamanist.there were many turkish nations like huns,gokturks,uygurs in cenral asia.turks were fighting aganist chinese and mongols those time.some moved to west(european huns you may know atilla) in those moves some turks moved to anatolia beat byzantium and entered anatolia(these turks were muslims because before these times muslim empire helped turks aganist chinese).they build a big empire and stoped many crusades by themselves.but mongols defeated them.turks were seperated. ottomans conquered those turkish lands and 1453 MEHMET conquered istanbul.foreigners were living freely in ottoman lands.ottomans were defending them they were not invading. Ottomans grew and sieged vienna 2 times.conqured too many lands and it was hard to defend it aganist russians,austrians,persians,venice in the same time so they lost many lands. years passed and.ottomans lost 2 balkan wars.(first was revolt second was land problems)they lost trablusgarp aganist italians. and we entered war becuse of germans.we were doing well but germans were taking our troops to europe.we beat whole english naval fleet but we lost war .too many lands were invaded by italians,armenians,russians,english and french.turks began turkish indepence war in command of atatü is a long story. atatürk made many revolutions.and this turkey was 1950's we joined korean battle. in 1970 we conquered nort cyprus to help turks living there because rums were killing them. and now we're trying join eu which is not needed.we are the 19th strongest economy with a population of 70.000.000 we have the 10th biggest army and at least 10000000 soldiers in war times. we have been fighting aganist pkk(a terrorist group) and thousand of turks were killed by them but countires like denmark and belgium is defending them. this is a short info about turkey turks there are 250 000 000 turks in the world and uniting them would be great.
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kane    RE:sorry about some old topics   12/14/2005 8:11:29 AM
Schackleford and others forget what i wrote there.i'm gaining more experience about foreigners and i need more time. pars knows many things discuss with him plss..
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Schackleford    RE:sorry about some old topics   12/14/2005 2:25:18 PM
"Schackleford and others forget what i wrote there" What did I forget? You forgot to provide evidence to any of your claims...
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kane    RE:SHACKLEFORD   1/18/2006 8:16:15 PM
i don't know if you read my answer but i have to solve this problem.i said: FORGET what i wrote before!!!:D (sorry for bringing an old topic back)
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FANTASMA       9/20/2006 7:26:53 AM
I guess you include the millions of Kurds as Turks..Ok..Just if you like history try to "dig" and find statistics and population info of the Anatolian peninsula before 1912..The results will astonish you..13.5 million residents including Kurds in the southeastern provinces, Nestorians and Arabs in the same areas, Armenians and Pontians(greek orthodox and muslims) in the northeastern provinces,Greeks across the whole western Turkey,and Eastern Thrace (Trakya)..How many out of the 13.5 mn were Turks?? How many of the christians were converted to Islam and by what means??
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kane    Fantasma   9/20/2006 1:39:30 PM
I know Kurds!!This thread is very old,i wouldn't write silly things like this again.And for Kurds,go to "Kurdish War" board.
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