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Subject: Russian Police (for ChdNorm)
roadcop    4/27/2004 7:09:52 AM
To ChdNorm. Well, I've used a term "traffic control dept" just to designate my branch of police service. Its real name is State Inspection of Road Traffic Safety (GIBDD). Its tasks are exactly as ChdNorm thinks. So, traffic control, highway patrolling, road incidents investigation, etc. Also there is escort of important government officials during thair visits to our region. So, it is equipped with special police cars with modified engines (VAZ-2107, VAZ-2109, VAZ-2110 Lada, Ford-Mondeo, Ford-Focus, Ford-Escort, Volvo and UAZ jeeps). In our regional structure we have a department itself (most bureaucratic and control functions), small detachments in every district, and a road patrol batallion (about 180 men and 50 patrol and auxilliary cars). Well, our region is fairly small (in larger regions like Moscow or StPetersburg there are full-sized road patrol regiments equipped with Ford-Crown Victoria, BMW, Mercedes cruisers and Toyota Landcruisers).
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