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Subject: u.s. help if chinese invade
tank    3/8/2004 4:26:50 PM
What do you think the united states assitance to russia should be if the chinese were to invade russia. please reply
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roadcop    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:04:09 PM
As popular PC-games concept says, US inevitably will help Russia in this case ;-) (Remember SSI People's General or Tom Clansey's Task Force XXI). In real life, such invasion is almost impossible. But, if China will invade Russia, Russian Government wouldn't accept foreign assistance. Russian President will push the Red Button... and there would be no China at all. I want to say that large-scale conventional war against Russia is impossible. May be I am mistaken - lets discuss it.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:25:24 PM
The chinese,with lack of resoures and space would definetly like to take some of the russian mainland,i am just assuming but with gradual military build i think they are looking at taking some of in future.Say the next 5 to 25 years.Being from the u.s. i know we don't like that plan.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:27:05 PM
I also meant some of east asia to.
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sentinel28a    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:34:39 PM
If the Russians would accept US help, then maybe. Given the state of the Russian armed forces, they would possibly lose a good deal of Siberia before they stopped the Chinese--and they eventually would. As the PLA drove further and further into Russian territory, their supply lines would get more stretched. Ask the Germans what the Russians do to exposed supply lines. I'm not sure what the US would do...but we might quietly start Lend-Lease again.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:35:19 PM
On the large scale conventional war with russia.The only way that could take is with russian restrant with the bomb.the you might be vulnarable till you started producing new equipment but then look out,because nobody besides u.s. might be better trained,then the russian soldier.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 5:56:25 PM
What is the current state of the russian air force,what type of a response would they be able to execute if russia was attacked suddenly.
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roadcop    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 6:05:19 PM
Read another threads. May be, about russian military muscle. Its a lively discussion of modern Russian Army. I myself made several posts about Russian AF there. Our AF is very capable to strike against China. China has no effective Air Defence against cruise-missile equipped bombers (Tu-22M3) or low-flying Medium Bombers (Su-24MK). Chinese fighters are inferior to all what we have. Electronic warfare, all-weather capability - all what Cinese Forces lack. So, to invade Russia would be suicide.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 6:13:13 PM
I, agree with you roadcop but they have done some goofy stuff in their military history.They also talk a big game but nobody ever see's it especially not us in korea.We eliminated a lot of them in short period of time,but they just kept coming thats really the only scary thing about them invading. this is my first day on here,this is cool !!!
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roadcop    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 6:20:19 PM
If we will destroy their industrial and transport capabilities, then Cinese offensive would certainly be brought to a stop. During Corea US couldnt do such thing because USSR protected China with Soviet nukes and fighters.
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tank    RE:u.s. help if chinese invade   3/8/2004 6:28:52 PM
Russia even though it is not soviet muscle anymore,probably still has more tanks and light armored vehicles than the chinese.a invasion,might be walking in to the hornet's nest without protection, According to what you are saying roadcop.
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