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Subject: Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?
Andy from Beaverton    1/4/2002 11:01:15 AM
Over at I saw a lot of traffic over a video taken in Chechnya. I’ll post the link I have to the video, but I guess there is a longer version somewhere. This video is less than 500k. Does anyone know more than what is posted at FreeRepublic? Did the Chechyn serve any time? What was the name of the Russian? Did anyone else see this video while in Russia? Story with references: The short movie: Has anyone seen “The Prisoner on the Mountain”? It is set in today's Chechnya and is said to be based on a Tolstoy story. It this true or is it a real story? Jay and Troll, please go away! This is a serious question and not meant for losers.
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Light    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   3/11/2002 4:29:37 PM
the man ho lost the head was chechen not russin. I dont know ho told you it was russen. if you leasen and se its cler that thows people wher dronk russen solder killing inosent chechen
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pfd    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   3/12/2002 11:15:25 AM
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cjb    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   7/10/2002 3:35:45 PM
Is this the video with the young man laying on his side and having his throat slit and subsequently having his head cut off??? If this is the video in question it was in fact a russian solidier and not a Chechan civilian. Why? The cameraman is in civilian clothes and not in uniform. The victim appears to be in some sort of millitary garb. Also given Chechan rebel tactics (blowing up apartment buildings and killling women and children) this leads one to belive that the video was made by Chechan rebels given their total disregard for human life.
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Crazydan    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   7/13/2002 2:17:11 PM
The soldier that had his throat slit was a Russian conscript 18 years old from Moscow. The rebels videotaped it and then released the video over the internent. It was not a Chechen.
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CJB    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   7/25/2002 10:25:46 AM
For me as surrender would not be an option seeing how the rebels make a habit of killing off POWs. It looks like the rebels are nowhere near the strength of two years ago. They are losing and many are either deserting or dead. The funny thing is Saudi Arabi has been bank rolling these terror groups as well as many others. Why the US doesnt put the thumb screws to Saudi Arabia is beyond me! Guess those big oil types have alot of say!
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PSYCHObabble    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   8/19/2002 7:56:26 PM
Your gotta be joking Light, the young soldier is in fact a Russian Conscript. The video was taking during Chechnyas first war I belive. I've seen a program that showed the soldiers mother holding picture of her son.
Quote    Reply    RE:Chechnya terrorist video: has anyone seen the whole video?   8/23/2002 5:00:04 AM
If you want it look at Kazaa...there you can download for extreme- Russian about 500k Questions mail me...
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Astor    Check this   6/3/2003 1:38:07 PM
Try this – It’s not the whole video because technically the whole one is like hours, hours and hours long. The Russians showed just a couple of hours at the European Parliament Assembly, I guess these clips were the part of it. Anyway, the most incredible fact is that the human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international etc. act as they ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE REBELS. Jeez.. can you believe that?!? What’s wrong with this world??? If I find more, I'll send you.
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CCCP    RE:Check this   6/4/2003 4:48:07 PM
Holy...guys (especially those from the west), I hope you now understand what were you defending... I think Putin have to organize henocide of all that crap. Yes these people are crap. They have nothing over their souls. All these fancy-dancy names a-la "warriors of Koran" and such, nothing, but very good excuse for their moves. And these "fighters for freedom" are saying that Russians are so "bad"? I think Putin has to take it really seriously, all of his "we'll waste 'em even in the toilets" are fancy-dancy words, either. Look at them, they're animals! With only difference that animals are more civilized... But lets not forget what happens to those chechens who actually gets into the hands of Russian police...I won't envy them either. Just think for a second how Russians will look at them after those videos.
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DrCruel    No kidding.   6/26/2003 11:50:53 AM
Wow. This stuff looks almost as bad as what our guys went through in Vietnam. Wonder where the Chechnyans learned how to play this game. (...) None of this is beyond my perception. Being ethnically half-Armenian, I already know the ways of the mountain people up there very well. I'd be happy for my (US) government to co-operate with the Russians too, in stamping out this "cultural idiosyncracy" - but we have to agree from here on, not to fund and help these sorts of people when it hurts our opponents, rather than us. Yes? Right now, someone is helping the FARC do similar things. I don't know who is at it (the IRA at least, helping with bomb-making), but it would be very nice if whoever it is would stop it.
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