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Subject: Joemendla Random Posts
giblets    2/27/2003 7:03:15 AM
Joe, can you please stop posting all your news stories as new topics, you are not Reuters! Try to keep them in one topic area or something called Russian news or something, at the moment you have 30+ topics which no one has replied to. Cheers!
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SGTObvious    Dear Giblets   2/27/2003 10:06:09 AM
I have seen Joe reply only once, to one post, ever. I get a weird feeling he's using some sort of random message generator which puts text stings together into a message, and posts it automatically. So, expect more of: NK CVN listening PDQ Bach Turkey Invasion. Democrats Taiwan new Hegdehog Spec OPS Moratorium. Gov't Spcllsts challenge Rutabaga troops. Joe would have them in ALL CAPS of course. I could be wrong, it would be nice of the guy to actually speak up once and a while say "Hi!".
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American Kafir    RE:Dear Giblets   3/1/2003 7:29:12 PM
Sarge, Actually Joe's posts are encoded messages to someone. Who, I don't know.
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giblets    RE:Joemendla Random Posts   3/2/2003 10:57:45 AM
Think he took that message to apply solely to the Russia forum!! Who do we think he is coding to then?
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American Kafir    RE:Joemendla Random Posts   3/2/2003 11:03:57 AM
>>Think he took that message to apply solely to the Russia forum!! Who do we think he is coding to then?<< I'd tell ya, but i'd have to kill ya.
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IronSeeker    annoying posters   3/10/2003 8:48:11 PM
well, obviously its not a code to anyone, but can't we do something about these annoying posters? i dont know about you guys, but sometimes it takes quite a while to load up each post, so i have to choose who's i'm going to read. because of this, i've learned to a small degree, who's going to have some insightful comment, and who's going to just be saying absolute garbage. but, i can't be sure, and i'm probably missing some stuff. cant we set up some kind of elite board that only proven intelligent posters can get onto? yes, i'm new, and i wouldn't make such a board yet. ps. if you guys could help me out with who's posts i should bother to read, i'd appreciate it so far i have, SGTObvious, American Kafir (ps. whats a Kafir), 11b10, etc as good posters and joemendla, OXEN, as not so good. what i think we should work to avoid is useless posts that dont contain any questions, or answers about the relevent topics. naturally, this post is included as a useless post, but i hope that we can help strain out the dirty water from the intelligent spaghetti dinner that is this website.
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