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Subject: Russian Psychosis
Jeff_F_F    6/11/2007 1:52:20 PM
Russians seem to think they did Estonia a favor in WWII for which Estonia should be forever greatefult. WTF. Let's look at a brief timeline. 1938 : Nazi Germany and Soviet Union become allies. 1939 : Soviet union stages UNPROVOKED invasion of Estonia, along with UNPROVOKED invasions of the rest of the Baltic nations and of Finland. 1941 : Germany attacks the Soviet Union since the Soviets NOW OCCUPY ESTONIA AND THE BALTICS, they invade Estonia and the other Baltic nations too. 1945: Soviets kick Germans out and resume their occupation of Estonia, but now claim they are doing a favor. Like everywhere else (including Russia and the other Soviet territories) Soviet troops commit huge numbers of rapes, hence the nickname of the statue that was moved "The Unknown Rapist." 1945-1991: Soviets oppress Estonia under an authoritarian regime. 2006: Estonians move Soviet memorial. Russians think this is unfair. WTF.
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Jeff_F_F    Baltic Geography   6/11/2007 2:09:16 PM
The following map shows the ground covered by Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
The Yellow arrows are the 3 main axis of attack - toward Leningrad, Moscow, and Kiev. It is clear that having to enter Estonia forced the Germans to go out of their way, and attacking through the Baltics in general forced Germany to take a great deal more ground than would have been required if the Soviet frontier had been at the border of Belarus. Another attack (not shown) was launched from Finland, since Finland had been invaded by the Soviets and Germany offered their help getting the land the Soviets had taken back. German forces advanced toward Murmansk while the Fins retook the Karelian Peninsula. Though the plan had been for them to then take Leningrad they refused to advance beyond their borders, a mistake they paid dearly for.
Red arrows show that had the Baltics not been occupied by the Soviets, Germany would have only needed to advance on 3 fronts and could have applied much greater forces to the attack.
Orange arrows show two options for attacking Leningrad. Part of the forces attacking toward Moscow could split off and advance North from Belarus. Since German forces would have been attacking on a much shorter front, some of the German forces that were allocated to the main attack on the Soviet Union could instead have joined the attack from Finland toward Leningrad. Or both options could have been used. Either way Germany's task of attacking the Soviet Union would have been easier had the Soviets not occupied the Baltics.
Thus it can be seen that Soviet occupation of the Baltics bennefitted no one except the Soviets.
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