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Subject: Theater raid a success????Time will tell.....
CJB    10/26/2002 9:55:15 PM
Those uninformed masses are proclaiming the incident a success for the Russians. I beg to differ at this point in time since the political fallout from this event could be very detrimental to Russia’s war in Chechnya. Already protests against the war are being seen. This is something that has not happened since the first Chechen war. It was obvious that this raid had a political objective and the fact that the gunmen were killed or captured has little bearing on the over all goal of this operation. That goal being to bring the war in Chechnya in the world view and to hopefully destabilize Russian politics in regards to the support of the war in Chechnya. It will be interesting to see how this attack will affect on Russia’s general populations in regards to supporting the war or making their voices heard and ending it. I would expect another Chechen terrorist action very soon seeing the reaction this one gained in regards to some Russians protesting the war effort. Given Russia’s current political situation the time is ripe to embarrass Putnin and the Parliament once again.
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Spetsnaz    RE:Theater raid a success????Time will tell.....   10/28/2002 8:52:38 PM
it could have been worse...
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Theater raid a success????Time will tell.....   10/30/2002 1:43:05 AM
CJB, I think you may, unfortunately, be right ... on the other hand, the Communist party (the second-largest party in Russia, lest we forget) is not much less keen on the war in Chechnya than Putin's own party (URF? Can't remember the name ...) I find it hard to believe that an opposition party will spring from nowhere and claim a parliamentary plurality. Stranger things have happened, though. There will clearly be a war of opinions and information to spin this event one way or the other. This in and of itself is a victory for the terrorists, because terrorists/rebellions/guerilla movements can generally compete on much more even footing with established governments when it comes to propaganda than when it comes to a stand-up shooting match. We'll see how it turns out. --Phoenix Rising
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CJB    RE:Theater raid a success????Time will tell.....   11/1/2002 9:58:50 PM
Yes it could have been much worse....I think given the situation the Russians had very little choice on what had to be done. As for their choice of gas....well that is another story. Regardless the Chechan action managed to achive its goal. The Chechan question is going to be with Russia for a long time.
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