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Subject: What would it take to put Russia on the fast track in a Capitolist Democratic environment?
Jimme    6/16/2005 11:17:11 PM
Here were I live in NYC, we have had a huge influx of the Russian community in the past 10 years. Working side by side with many of them I have developed a great repect for there work ethic and agressiveness when it comes to business. I had to stay on my toes to compete even in my own back yard. Hell I have had a Russian jr partner who told me to stay away from Russian clients because they were too shrewd! I say all this to say, what is the greatest roadblock to Russia reaching its economic full potential? I understand there is a corruption element which had been explaned to me by my ex Russian jr partner (who has since started his own company in Atlanta btw). I dout that would be the only problem though, so I would love to hear from some Russian natives. P.S. contrary to what many may believe, most Americans would love to see Russia thrive as a capitolist democracy. First it would make a much more stable situation and a great ally. Second it would be the ultimate cold war victory! (even during the hight of the cold war Americans nevery realy hated Russians or Soviets, just Communism)
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