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Subject: Help! Is there a Russian CIWS named Palma or something like that?
big hammer    6/7/2005 11:01:57 PM
Guys! I heard this name from some foreigner. He said it's a Russian build Close-In Weapon System, and its name is pronounced just like "Palma" . You see, for those world-known Russian CIWS products, I am aware of only Kashtan and AK630, and I have to admit that I've never heard this "Palma" before. So, if anyone knows about this "Palma" or something pronouned just like that, please give me some hint! Thanks alot!!
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mustavaris    RE:Help! Is there a Russian CIWS named Palma or something like that?   6/8/2005 5:07:02 PM
Its a system made of 2 6-barrel gatlings and 8 missiles, either missiles like Strela-10 or Igla or some new laser-guided missile called SOSNA-R. It was developed in the 1990´s, but I dont know whether its in use or just offered for export. The laser guided missile is (may be) 9M337, the same one they use with Pantsir-system. I have a feeling that the whole Palma thing is navalized Pantsir though I am not sure about it. Hopefully this helps or leads you in the right direction. Cheers.
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big hammer    Thanks Mustavaris, you've been really helpful to me!   6/9/2005 9:18:19 PM
Thanks for your hint, I have had quite a few hits form Google web-search about this Palma CIWS. Still, I am a little bit confused about the missiles that can be attached to this Palma CIWS. In some articles, it is implied that the Palma is only a gun-based CIWS, and those missiles are highly optional. So, I am just not sure about the missle configuration of Palma.
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mustavaris    RE:Thanks Mustavaris, you've been really helpful to me!   6/10/2005 1:08:16 AM
It seems to be likely that it´s so. The system is based on two gatlings and missiles are optional. Thats the conclusion I have been able to make, but I havent been able to find any single good source. Doh.
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