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Subject: Does the US Need A Russia Which Is Stable And Militarily Respectable?
CJH    3/9/2005 1:27:02 PM
I am always surprised when I hear about the claim by some Russian nationalists to the effect that the US wants a weak and divided Russia. My view of history biases me in favor of the idea that a stable, self maintaining Russia is very desirable from the viewpoint of American self interest. Whether or not the US is in some close alliance with Russia at any given time, Russia's continued existence is a source of security to us. Russia seems to attract the attention of aggressive neighboring countries as suggested by history. Countries that aggressive will wind up threating us at some point later. Although we have not had aggressive attacking neighbors in the past, any in the future should interest the Russians for the same reason. I believe Russia's situation, character and extent recommend that they are natural allies of the US even if not overtly so. We have been close friends with the Europeans and the Japanese but we can see the Europeans getting restless even now and the Japanese may be stirred to action by the Koreans and the Chinese.
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Ozamist     i agree   5/1/2005 10:54:19 PM
Us does need a allie russia but it will not happen they are going back to the soviet style ways putin is going back like russia once was considering the soviet fall the biggest disaster in the 20th century it would be nice to have russia on us side because then us would not be defeated nore would any one stand a chance agaisnt us
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jastayme3    RE:Does the US Need A Russia Which Is Stable And Militarily Respectable?   5/8/2005 1:16:24 PM
Russia has too many nukes for America to desire that they be in potentially irresponsible hands. Therefore it would be in America's interest to have a stable Russia-and a militarily competant Russia is a necessary corralary to that as Russia is in an uncomfortable part of the world. Also Russia makes a balance to China. The problem is that Americans like to simply forget a quarral once it is over. The rebuiding and reconciliation stage is ignored. Also the American government like all is a coalition of factions. None of those factions are conspiratorial because those that are become outcasts. However many are influential. Thus American policy is often the lowest common denomenator. This is of course not really an unfammiliar pattern-except that Americans have a strong isolationist streak. Thus America may be charged with neglect-and laziness- in not dealing with relations with Russia. But not malice. Also Americans are sentimental and that causes us to sympathize with the formerly Soviet states. I suppose to many Russians that can come across as wanting to encourage secession after secession until there is no more Russia. That is not at all the intent. The intent is to befriend them not to hurt Russia. While virtuous in itself it can be misunderstood. America is not deliberatly trying to destabilize Russia. That flatters us with a competance that is unfortunatly greater than we possess.
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