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Subject: Time to Blame Victims
sanman    9/8/2004 3:56:41 PM
Yes, it's that favorite time again -- time to blame the victims! I was wondering how long it would take. Usually, the liberals wait until the bodies are all buried before blaming them. But modern technology now affords the ability to hand out the slander ever more rapidly, within minutes if not hours of your attrocity of choice. I've read that various news media organizations have admitted to creating obituaries of famous personalities in advance, in order to get the story out more quickly. In that same spirit of ethical innovation, I propose that post-mortem analyses of terrorist attacks be printed up in advance of the events, in order to produce more efficient spin control. Come on, everyone pitch in, and join the fun! Bonus points for oldie-but-goodie cliche phrases, and for creative reasoning! Terrorist Attack on US Elections: "Due to the extreme polarizing policies of the current administration, the attacks on Nov 2 were a clear message by disenfranchised groups that the provocative Patriot Act was only resulting in a cycle of violence that was otherwise avoidable" Terrorist Attack on Hospital Maternity Ward: "Questions remain as to why hospital staff were unable to successfully isolate and evict the gunmen, particularly after the latter had openly announced their presence in the building by firing loud shots" Airliner bombing: "Even as investigators focus on telephone threats made in advance of the explosions that may have triggered the breakup of the doomed planes, reports continue to surface that the carrier had provided inadequate pilot training in dealing with catastrophic in-flight damage" Film At 11. Followed by madness at midnight.
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Jay    RE:Time to Blame Victims    9/8/2004 7:40:16 PM
It's typical, there's always some hack "analyst" ready to Monday morning quarterback the real operators. While overlooking the most obvious reason why they had no solution, that reason being there was no solution to be had. 1500 hostages in a school wired with hair trigger detonators and suicidal muslims. Not too much you can do with that. A lot of respect is deserved by those 10 Russian soldiers who died going into that maelstrom and trying to save some kids.
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roadcop    RE:Time to Blame Victims    9/9/2004 10:06:11 AM
From the article - "The problem, as ever in Russia, is in the unbelievable corruption. You can change the leadership of the FSB all you want, but these (insurgents) are fighting not only with weapons. When they infiltrate Russia they have cases or bags full of dollars and they 'buy' any policeman who stands in their way." Its hard to admit it, but thats true. Certainly, they cant buy ANY policeman (some people just cant be bribed).
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