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Edward    8/23/2002 9:57:43 AM
Chechens are whoooping russias ass, bad style. i can not believe that 2000 freedom fighters have took on the whole of russia. chechens are very good rated gurilla fighters in the world. i personally think that russia should withdraw from chechnya and give them independence if not then get killed.
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RF    RE:Pashtun FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs USA   8/29/2002 5:53:38 PM
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Psychobabble    RE:Pashtun FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs USA   8/29/2002 9:57:14 PM
Hahah, do more research!
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Spetsnaz    RE:Pashtun FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs USA   10/28/2002 8:58:07 PM
agreeded- cheers to that message below
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NewGuy    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   10/29/2002 12:45:59 AM
The murderous thugs who took over the theatre in Moscow were in no way "Freedom Fighters". They were simply nasty murdering hate-spewing terrorists: to hell they have now gone, and good riddance. NewGuy
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Phoenix Rising    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   10/30/2002 1:45:18 AM
Hear hear, NewGuy. Incidentally, I would very much like to see a political settlement to the conflict in Chechnya. That being said, this latest act of Chechen barbarism is hardly the way to bring parties to the table (any more than 9/11 was a way to get the US to talk peace), and I don't for a minute buy the tired old line that "they made us do it by repressing us." --Phoenix Rising
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American Kafir    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   10/30/2002 8:36:53 AM
The United States should reverse its position towards Russia, apologize for criticizing them for their efforts against the Chechen terrorists, and ask them if they have enough bullets to make the Chechen Muslim population a historical footnote. If not bullets, then "knockout" gas.
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chornyvolk    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   11/25/2002 3:42:51 PM
ed you area stupid fool hope the next 9/11 lands on you and your family
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giblets    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   11/27/2002 3:09:37 AM
Ed has obviously never heard of Vietnam
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Stalin_1243    well...   5/31/2004 3:59:17 PM
Russia would never give Checnya independence for 2 reasons.1 is that it would lose about 38.7% of oil production and 2 is that it would face world humiliation. Right now Russia still ranks among the worlds top ten military superpowers.Checnya has drug itself into war and with nuclear agreements Russia cannot bomb Checnya.and also Russia could wipe out Checnya with ICBMs but would never do that because of treaties once again.
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RussianAssassin    RE:CHECHNYA FREEDOM FIGHTERS Vs RUSSIA   5/30/2005 10:34:06 PM
Shut the up you ing moron! How old are you? Chechens win? Shut the up idiot! Where do you get the facts? This is a gorilla war! Your ing Chechens are scared to come out the play so they hide in woods and mountains and then separate into groups of 10-20 people and then they attack and run like ing fagits! Because thats what they are, a ing fagits. Blowing up hospitals and taking innocent civilians in theaters everybody can. Bitch before you put some like that back it up with ing facts! ing idiot! Yeah YOU MORON! hehe!
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