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Subject: British thugs? Mugs? Lugs?
M the Ranter    8/13/2002 7:40:39 PM
Why are Brits thugs and when is their day coming and why? How could anyone look at Monty Python and consider this crew thugish?
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Matt Smith    RE:British thugs? Mugs? Lugs?   9/16/2002 7:21:21 PM
Good questions M, there are some Brit thugs, but the Brits generally keep them locked up for their own good, if you go to prisons across Britain you'll get plenty of opportunities to observe British thugs first hand. You will at this same time notice that Islamic clerics are having considerable success converting this degenerate crew to Islam. It would be a fine thing to see this disreputable rabble of cut throats have their day, the sooner the better, for no other reason than their anti-social and criminal tendencies. I don't think anyone could associate Moslem criminals with Monty Python, that would be far too silly.
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