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Subject: Nice and calm weekend? Part II
addo    3/7/2007 5:13:13 AM
So has things calmed down in Copenhagen yet?
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Thomas       3/11/2007 1:05:23 PM
Well Yes and no.
The building has been cleared and the streets are reopened, but they are still arresting the troublemakers - I believe the count is around 800 arrests at the moment with 200 incarcerated. The courts generally follow the police requests and 3 weeks is more or less standard : To prevent them from further illegal action. When these cases comes to trial some spoiled brats will get to the realities of life: Don't steal and don't attack the police with molotov-cocktails.
There is about 50-100 foreign professional troublemakers in the clinck as well. It was a point made by the police to take them out of circulation, as they were deemed organisers of the actual "street-battles" - and YES a high proportion of them are swedes and antisocial germans... That is beyond the numbers refused entry at the boarder and the ones expelled immediately.
The police has had the situation pretty much in hand - in spite of press-claims to the contrary:
Only three injured protesters, no police not reporting to duty: Of the casualties:
One idiot got his fingers blown off when he was throwing a large - and highly illegal - firecracker at the police (waited a tad to long before throwing it)
Another was hit in the neck by a cobblestone thrown by his mates.
What is more interesting is that it seems to be a mobbing up action against all the old communist still lingering in odd corners. The next will be the clearing of Christiania, where "negotiation" is proceeding between the enviroment and the owner (Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen). Judging by the idiocy shown by "Ungdomshusets" supporters Christiania will make an effort to destroy everything for themselves - and high time it was cleared.
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Schackleford    Agree!   6/6/2007 7:12:39 AM
Couldn't agree more. The ill-named "free city" is home to a bunch of pretentious, snobbish and thoroughly upperclass bohemians, who are conducting "social experiments" at the expense of hardworking and lawabiding Danish citizens.
Those bulldozers can't arrive a moment too soon...

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