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Subject: Three danish warships sailed for Wilhelmshafen, Germany
KIJ    9/10/2006 7:39:24 AM
The corvet, Peter Tordenskiold, and the two Standard Flex vessels Ravnen and Glenten (both equipped as Missile Boats) today sailed for Wilhelmshafen in Germany. The goal is to be ready to sail for Libanon, with the FN fleet, if the Germans, who will lead the force, asks for it. It's to be decided monday the 11th of september.
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Thomas    Germany: What now?   9/11/2006 8:07:02 AM
Let's see if Germany means anything and can achieve a workable mandate: They wanted to lead this jaunt!
We are - politely - drumming our fingers on the pierside.
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Thomas    Update   9/13/2006 5:52:17 PM
Sweden is sending a Göteborg-class corvette.
Grumpy salt: "Well, let's see if it leaves port, not to mention arrive...."
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