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Subject: Visiting Kobenhavn!
Iano_returns    8/10/2006 1:24:08 PM
Evening everyone, I don't normally make any forays to this board but I'm in the lucky position to be able to spend a week in Copenhagen in the near future. Any wisdom on whats worth doing, what to see, nightlife etc as I have never really been to this part of the world before! Cheers Iano
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Thomas    RE:Visiting Kobenhavn!   8/10/2006 5:18:08 PM
How old are You and what tastes?
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Iano_returns    RE:Visiting Kobenhavn!   8/10/2006 6:58:04 PM
Young, and I should be sorted for the most of it to be honest. But when shes working... :p Is there any good diving nearby? Is it worth going over the bridge to Malmo?
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JIMF    RE:Visiting Kobenhavn!   8/10/2006 7:01:14 PM
"Is it worth going over the bridge to Malmo?" I can't wait to hear this. Go for it Thomas.
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Thomas    RE:Visiting Kobenhavn!   8/11/2006 8:31:48 AM
Well You could visit Copenhagen M. But beware the Swedish Occupation Authorities take a very dim view of intoxication. A local WALKING under the influence will lose his DRIVNG license. Generally the party traffic is the other way. This causes some disturbance in the City, as swedes in their drunken stupor fall into the canals and harbour - enviromental hazard. The steadfastly refuse to use the facilities for drowning Swedes that the Municipal Authoraties have maintained for centuries at great cost - conviniently located near the center of the City. (I have to live up to expectations - OH the pressure) I wouldn't know much about parties. I asked if it was a family outing or if you are militarily interested. As You have posted on SP, I can give you a few museums: 1. Army, There is Tøjhusmuseet. I has one of the worlds best collection of small arms through the ages - and quite a collection of naval gunbarrels, that might interest a naval gunner. 2. Air Force Museum - amalgated with the technical museum of Denmark - near Helsingør. 3. Naval Museum: very good collection; but very specialised, as they have all the construction models of Danish warships of the renaissance period.
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mustavaris    RE:Visiting Kobenhavn!   8/11/2006 4:09:56 PM
No no Thomas, you forgot the best;) Christiania, do I need to say more? If I were a single, it would have been better;) I just don´t buy that "what I don´t see won´t break the heart"-thing. It´s not my cup of tea. A definate must to go in my opinion. Local microbrewery-produced beers are great, no, not great, awesome. Taste them. Every one them and also the supply of good great imports is pretty good (esp. when comparing to Finland...). Hmmm.. Forget the Malmö, visit Marseilles or Gaza if you want to see bad-behaving Muslims, Malmö is too lame to be really interesting and too Islamized to be nice place to be... Göteborg rocks though (if you are a rocker/metal head) and ain´t that faraway, trains work really well. But if you have just week, concentrate on Denmark. There are pretty nice places around the capital and the land is pretty beautiful in my opinion and if you really want to visit another country, take a train and got to Hamburg, it´s one of the better places in Germany and my favourite place down there. So far. Cheers and greetings from the middle of nowhere.
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Thomas    mustavaris   8/11/2006 5:06:25 PM
Thanks for the kind words. Actually if You visit Christiania: Be carefull to avoid the drugbusts: It is a preferred trainingground for rookie-cops - sort of speakeasies in Chicago when Al Capone ruled. My main problem with recommandations in København is the many different possibilities depending on your taste: Families: there is Tivoli Garden next to the main railway Station. Then you can take the family for a swim in the habour (I'm not joking) - have a picknic in one of the parks. If You are for partying thre are nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurents - you name it - Hviids Vinstue is from before the independence of USA - same premisis. Shopping for the ladies: Strøget - remember to get the VAT deducted. History: Well Copenhagen itself is an exhibit. If you walk inside the old moat you will be able to find illustrations of Hans Christian Andersens stories. Vikings: 20 min by train and You are in Roskilde and the shipmuseum and the Cathedral were most of our kings are buried. A bar called Gulland - which is Gotland in old Danish: Probably been there since we lost the island. I'm sounding like the tourist board; but there You are ... It is not a coincidence that so many cruiseships make a portcall in Copenhagen.. Culture: The new Opera .... Bookstores .... Copenhagen IS the capital of Scandinavia.
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bugmaster       8/30/2006 5:32:50 AM
From a historical prospective in Kobenhavn you can go the Freedom Museum and see the Danish resistance of the Germans.  Also, there is a great Armorments museum some place in the city.

Don't miss Torvaldsen's Kristus at Vor Fru Kirke.  Also a number of forts in the area out by the little Mermaid.

And Don't Forget to make sure you hit every bakery you see and eat pastry tell you die!

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Thomas    Forts bugmaster    8/30/2006 6:49:02 AM

There are also the ring of forts further out on land - I live 5 minutes from one of them - late 19th/early 20th century defensive works that helped keeping Denmark out of WW1.



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bugmaster    Helsinger   8/31/2006 2:03:59 AM
Don't miss the chance to go up North a bit and see "Hamlet's Castle", Helsinger.  
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Thomas    Elsinore   8/31/2006 11:42:33 AM

Actually You should visit the castle opposite it as well: "Kærnen" - it is actually in Swedish occupied Denmark - in Helsingborg. The fortress is just a tower with a wall around it; but if You are familiar with Hamlet, there is a lot that makes sense: "... the shear drop..." which doesn't make sense in Kronborg - which is lying on the beach.

The rooms in Kærnen are very similar to the Elizabethan Stage. In fact seeing both castles give You a sense of the tension in the play between the renaissance court of Claudius with its intrigues (Kronborg) and the medieval brutality (Kærnen) of Hamlet senior and Fortingbras.

This dichotomy was so very relevant in England in 1601 when first performed. And there is no secret as to where Shakespeare's sympathy lay: Clearly the medieval as shown in Henry V.


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