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Subject: Greetings from Finland
mustavaris    3/3/2006 1:47:31 PM
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mustavaris    RE:Finnish fortitude-mustavaris   3/7/2006 11:54:23 PM
Well, that genetical thing is there indeed, but it´s significance is a matter of debate. I don´t know any Norwegians or Swedes so well nor I have read about our relative resistance to cold when comparing to other northern peoples. The thing I learned during the army´s cold weather training was that we are more resistant to frost bites and the blood circulation of northern peoples is often more suitable to cold weather than that of other peoples. I would be interesting to see some comparative data though because most of the Finns I know seem to be rather intolerant when talking about cold..
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:TAC   3/9/2006 7:12:25 PM
Solution for Stevns. Sure one 40 kT should do it; but that is an awfull lot of blast for an old gun. Another point is that they would not have been able to use other nukes in that neighbourhood for some time after that nuke, and what was the guncrew??? And they would have to use nukes. Ah! But IIRC they also intended to use 10-15 nukes for sanitizing the beachhead in Køge Bugt. Then wait half an hour then land the troops. Lunatics. Old handguns: point taken. In fact as an observer I was in favour of us getting old Husquarna submashineguns and reserve the modern stuff to those who would be using them for a living. I have heard they should be excellent and used by the Danish Brigade in Sweden and by the Danish Forces occupying Germany Post-WW2, so there ought to be some around. Have you ever wondered why Heckler & Koch don't make sewing machines? ;) 1864 uniforms: I heard it from a Civil Defence officer. And judging by the date of their equipment (their lorrys were rivetted together just after the wheel was invented) it sounds probable to me. Fair enough. About drinking with Finnes: Well as long as You watch your siblants and don't wear a Brøndby scarf - You'll be allright. Mind You it can be tedious, as they do not want small talk to get in the way of serious drinkink - some of them even develop a taste for paint remover - I think Nitromors is THE flavour for the discriminating palate. What is it with the Brøndby scarves???
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Thomas3    RE:TAC   3/12/2006 1:58:35 PM
Brøndby is Blue and Yellow - and in an intocicated state they might be taken for Swedes! (I waited for that shoe to drop!)
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:TAC   3/12/2006 2:05:00 PM
Hahaha. Didn't have me wits with me on that one. :)
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