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Subject: Right on, Denmark
eu4ea    2/3/2006 3:14:30 PM
You have my *full* support and solidarity in this whole mess. Human right, including free speech, and the gains of liberal democracy and the past 2-300 years of history are *not* to be taken for granted. I have no doubts about where Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Adams, Paine, Washington and other founding fathers would stand in this issue. All of them spent their lives working for freedom, explicitly freedom of the press and freedom from religious censorship. And I have the greatest respect for the achievements of Denmark. Freedom, peace, prosperity, fairness and tolerance are all key parts of the Danish system - in some important ways, it's arguably superior to what we enjoy here in the US. It's pathetic that such a society should be threatened by a bunch of religious yobos fully incapable of creating anything even remotely approaching Denmark in *any* of the countries where they are a majority, ever. And even more pathetic that they should work themselves up so over *cartoons* for god's sake. Was that the only part of the newspaper these s are capable of reading or what?. Finally, some blasphemy. Let's see, this Muhammad guy was; - An iliterate camel herder employed by a woman for most of his life. - A professional thief later in his career, raiding Mecca's caravans from his base in Medina. - A gangster who ordered contract killings on at least three people, including a woman nursing her child - A pervert who married his own niece, Ayesha - when he was 54 and she was 6!. Apparently he was nice enough to wait until she was 9 years old until he ed her, however. - A mass murderer who ordered the execution of at least 300 prisioners of war, including women and children - Etc. OH, wait, actually that's not blasphemy - it's what it actualy says in the koran. Well, try this instead: that's not the "word of god". It's bull. It's the collected rantings of a perverted mentally imbalanced, criminal, cult leader. There *was* no angel gibrahil telling him anything. He made up. Lock, stock and barrel. Invented it. It's not the "seal of the prophets", it's made-up crap. Not only that, it's crap made up by a provincial psycopath who couldnt keep his facts together: - He keeps confusing the virgin Mary with Noah's wife. - He's got Jhon the Baptist severely mixed-up. - His grammar stinks, and he's got multiple case/suffix mismatches. - He contradicts himself in at least a dozen places, then goes on to claim that the stuff he made up later "corrects" the initial stuff, even though the whole thing is "god's word", and it's actually a word-for-word copy of a book he saw in a table in the 7th heaven. It's *all bull*, guys. It's exactly the same as the stuff invented by Shoko Ashahara, the Reverend Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, David Koreash or any other of a long and sorry list of psychotic, unbalanced, sexually depraved and criminal cult leaders. The *only* thing that's remarcable about the koran is how so many poor opressed bastards living their entire sorry lives under the boot of piss-pot dictatorships actually believe that bull to actually be the literal word of god. Wake up and smell the camel , dudes.
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kane    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/3/2006 3:22:42 PM
why don't you stop insulting a man respected by millions with your wrong information!!
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swhitebull    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/3/2006 4:08:18 PM
...why don't you stop insulting a man respected by millions with your wrong information!! ... Because it's SO easy to do? Especially when Mohammy started off as an illiterate, who got confused with whom was talking with around the campfires, and mixed up his Biblical stories. NO surprise there. We can add his role as chief incestuous pedophile, for his sexual congress with his niece Ayesha when she was just NINE years old. ALL DOCUMENTED in the Sura and the Hadith. Pays to study, doesnt it? Why dont you mosey on down to the India board where they will put you thru a refresher course on the Quran. Oh, btw, which VERSION of the Quran are you using? swhitebull - have a nice day.
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FJV    Jordanian editor gets fired for publishing the cartoons   2/3/2006 4:15:26 PM
Along with the following text: "You Muslims of the world, act rational. Who insults Islam more: a foreigner who draws the prophet or a Muslim with an explosive belt killing himself at a wedding in Amman or a anywhere else? ... Which act prompts the world to insult Islam and Muslims: cartoons or a real scene of the butchering of a hostage with a sword in front of a camera while accompanied by the chanting of Allah Akbar." The guy is named Jihad al Moumani.
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kane    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/3/2006 4:19:41 PM
insulting islam is on every board and i'm always telling the same thing I'am a Turk then tell me why don't we learn these things in religion lessons.Why don't they tell us to kill kafirs and ......(all those terrorism) read this-i completely agree him info=Turkey has no official religion
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Thomas3    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/4/2006 6:49:40 AM
Well the main point is what you take as an insult! Mockery neither adds nor detract from the original statement.
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Thomas3    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/4/2006 6:52:18 AM
That is one of the reasons it is fun to tease the french: A derogatory remark about Citroën cars is taken as a personal insult. Why do you think swedes are portrayed as druken louts????
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Hitit Sun    RE:Right on, Denmark   2/4/2006 1:57:08 PM
Good lies my friend. Where did you learn these things in your dream? Good, if you continue like that they will give a medal for lying to you. Please don't read one source, read other things about Mohammed.
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Thomas3    RE:Right on, Denmark AND eu4ea!   2/6/2006 9:10:53 PM
Let me tell You what Nasar Khader (Member of the Town Council in Copenhagen) and of Syrian origin to one of these radical muslims: The country You discribe is there already: It is called Saudi Arabia. Get a one way ticket and stop messing with this country. The good thing about all this is: The Danish muslims will have to choose side.
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eu4ea    RE:Right on, Denmark AND eu4ea!   2/7/2006 7:21:08 AM
Thanks, Patriot, Thomas et al. Re: the more outraged pro-cartoon censorship replies, I submit that there are two reasons why my arguments sting so much; 1- They're true. Look it up. I'm totally willing to discuss facts and provide sources straight from the Koran and the Haddith. If you can provide evidence that Muhammad was not a camel herder employed by a woman for the first stage of his life, a thief who made his living killing people and raiding caravans from Mecca later in his career, a pedophile who f-ed his own 9-year old niece Ayesha, and a gang boss who ordered contract killing of at least 3 people (including a nursing mother), I'm happy to retract any of those statements. Similarly, re: the Koran itself, if you can provide evidence that it does not include factual inacuracies (such as confusing Mary with Noah's wife), multiple internal direct contradictions, multiple cases of poor grammar and tense agreements, and several other mistakes that are very consistent with humans making this up (and very inconsistent with the idea of an infalible God dictating all those mistakes) I'm ready to retract that as well. However, I suspect it will be very difficult to argue the facts - which is why we have to fall back to unreasoned rejections ("you're wrong", "you dont understand", "you dont show respect" or whatever). 2- You're goign to find very little credible scolarship to dispute it. Unfortunatelly, unlike other religions, there's very little credible and objective academic research into Islam. Almost none until the 20th century, and most of that outside of the Muslim world. Most Muslim commentators notably ignored non-muslim sources (greek, syriac, armenian or jewish), and accepted extremely non-credible hadiths made up during the Umayad dynasty to back up the various political causes of the time. This in fact got so ridicalous that storytellers were making up hadith hoping to draw in a good crowd. The ones currently considered valid are the six compilations of "true" hadith selected by al-Bukhari and others, which are inconsitent and extremely suspect themselves. The whole factual basis here is very, *very* thin. Religious prejudice has prevented credible, objective scholarship into the issue. In biblical studies there are whole disciplines dedicated to this - Aramaic languange studies, archeological digs, comparisons with other religions of the time, tracing of the political landscape of the time, textual analysis, comparative study of competing contemporary religions and so forth. Not all of that is "friendly" or "respectful" to judeo-christian tradition or to the literal truth of the Bible. And that's just fine. In many ways, this sorry episode about the cartoons reminds me of the trial in 1633 of Galileo Galilei - the Italian astronomer and mathematician who proposed the earth was round and that the earth and the planets all orbited around the sun. (see The Catholic church at the time also considered it disrespectfull, "heresy", "contrary to the literal truth of the Scripture" etc. - and he was found guilty, forced to publicly recant, imprisioned, prevented from ever writing another book, etc. In that case my respect lies 100% with Galileo, and 0% with the religious logic used to prosecute him for publishing his view. In this case, my respect lies 100% with Denmark and 0% with the religious logic used to prosecute the cartoonists from publishing their views. E pur si muove! eu4ea
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Hugo    RE:Right on, Denmark AND eu4ea!   2/7/2006 12:12:14 PM
Galileo was at least provided an apology later. I won't hold my breath waiting to hear an apology from Saudi Arabia et al..
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