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Subject: CASR and the Arctic Challenger!
TheArmchairCmd    11/9/2005 6:20:18 PM
Stumbled across this site for a canadian think tank, looking for some info on their Halifaxes. TARGET=_blank>Denmark 'Goes Viking' in Canada's Arctic Islands — Strategic Resources of the High Arctic entice the Danes I would like to comment, that though they have gotten most of it right, danish assets and ambitions in the arctic look formidable through the lens of CASR. Their agenda is of course not to antagonise between the two nations, but to advocate for funds for the canadian armed forces. How they see it, is practically a danish presence on steroids. Stuff like this make me smile: "The Danish government is pouring millions of dollars into a comprehensive map showing in bold relief the geological features of the Arctic Ocean floor. GEUS has shown that the Lomonosov Ridge runs from the top of Greenland to the North Pole. Based on this underwater, sea - floor connection, Denmark has laid claim to the North Pole itself." IIRC it is a joint danish/canadian project funded by both govts. Also: "When KDM shore parties raised the Danish flag over tiny Hans Island (and hammered a plaque into its rocky surface), foreign affairs and military officials in Canada were equally bemused. After all, the Danes are our allies – why would they press a claim against us? In the end, the answer is simple: cooperation in the arctic between Denmark and Canada has revealed to Copenhagen that Canada’s long- standing claims to the high arctic aren’t backed by military presence or settlements. In the past, mapping the area may have been enough. Now it’s feet on the ground." Is it them wicked, wicked danes again or are CASR reading events to fit an agenda? They also forgot to mention the Gammel Dansk Schnapps that was left for the expected canadian shore-party. Ungrateful... We know that Denmark and Canada would never fight over a tiny bit of the arctic. Either country has too much sense. Also US and NATO would never allow this. So I think that CASR just might not be a very influential think tank after all. But an interesting read though.
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Thomas    RE:CASR and the Arctic Challenger!   11/10/2005 7:15:41 AM
Two points of interest: 1. The Lomosov ridge actually divides the sea under the polar cap in two - interesting! 2. The exploration wells. Why are they placed there? Why are the concession areas nowhere near the exploartion wells. Anybody in the oil industry with an input?????
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