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Subject: No more Dirty Little Links?
esmoore5    8/18/2009 11:40:48 AM
Can't find "Dirty Little Links" (or submit new entries for such) on the main page anymore. What happened?
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esmoore5    More links.   1/16/2010 12:25:01 AM
Bolivia To Buy Chinese Planes for Anti-Drug Fight: Russian military prepares for massive redundancies: Al-Maliki fights for political survival: Turkey, Israel Close To Finalizing Drone Deal: Bearing failure is a San Antonio 'class issue', says US Navy: India To Pull Thousands of Troops From Kashmir: Tweets From the Front Lines of Haiti Relief: N. Korea Threatens South Over Contingency Plan: APKWS II: Laser-Guided Hydra Rockets to Finish SDD Phase: A400M remains in limbo:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/16/2010 10:20:36 PM
Spitting Cobra: Boeing Looks To First Silent Eagle Flight: Al Qaeda linked to rogue aviation network: Google China cyberattack part of vast espionage campaign, experts say: Insider account: Army at risk of repeating FCS mistakes: Russian Underground Submarine Base: Intelligence Agencies Reach Out to Scientists to Counter Terror Weapons: ?Culture Maps? Becoming Essential Tools of War: Malicious Firmware Could Sabotage Military, Security Systems:,SecuritySystems.aspx Army, Marines Mull Over Options to Modernize Truck Fleets:,MarinesMullOverOptionstoModernizeTruckFleets.aspx Marine Corps Faces Gap in Ground Tactical Vehicles: Army?s Shadow Unmanned Aircraft Receiving Upgrades For Longer Missions:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/18/2010 10:17:51 PM
Mideast mystery: Who killed Ali-Mohammadi?: Taliban launches brazen attack on Kabul: A Sonic Blaster So Loud, It Could Be Deadly: Israel 'seeks to buy 6th German sub': U.S. official: Arming of Hezbollah could spark Israel-Syria war: The Naryad program: India To Sign New MiG Deal With Russia: Official: Another Day, Another Delay: Cold War era aircraft helps record the devastation in Haiti, from 15,000 feet: Death Spiral for HELIX? Britain Wants RC-135 Rivet Joint Planes: Italian Carrier Cavour Heads to Haiti:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/19/2010 12:35:48 PM
Preventing a Space Pearl Harbor: SBSS Program to Monitor the Heavens: Russia-India ties sour in Central Asia: U-&S203;&S203;2 Flights Likely Over Haiti; Predator May Go: China Potentially to Expand Indian Ocean Presence: U.S. Air Force Operations at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan: Gates Nixes Cammies: Canada Expected to Arrive in Haiti Today:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/20/2010 11:40:35 PM
DARPA looks to go deep with ASW sensor network: Israeli Tactical Video Link, Helmet Displays Improve Situational Awareness U.S. Marines Gunships: Seoul says it would strike N.Korea to thwart nuclear attack: Israel Turns to Germany for Naval Stealth Ships: NATO's identity crisis not over yet...New 'strategic concept' in the works: Eurocopter To Send 3 Helos For U.S. Army Tests: Hydra-70 Rockets: From Cutbacks to the Future of Warfare: Gates Warns of Terror Threat to India-Pakistan Ties: $245M to Lockheed Martin for 160 AGM-158 JASSMs: Italy?s Oto Melara, USA?s Boeing to Co-produce SDB I for Italian Air Force:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/21/2010 12:35:33 PM
Dutch Order Multi-Purpose Support Ship: Senate Probes Security Weaknesses: Choices Loom For U.K. Chinook Purchase: China's Scary Space Ambitions: NZ army to remove Bible citations from armaments: Pentagon?s Social Network Becomes Hub for Haiti Relief: Future British Frigate Takes Shape: Eurofighter boasts USAF F-15 kills by Spanish Typhoons: Back Away from GPS: AF Chief: Disaster Relief 2.0: Tech Tools Help Focus Haiti Resources: Pentagon Watchdog Sinks Fangs Into JSF:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/22/2010 12:39:48 PM
Helo-Protecting Advanced Sensors Hurried: Another Day, Another Shipbuilding Failure: Widespread Problems On LPDs, Other Ships: U.S. Navy: Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle: New Zealand Commandos? Kabul Exploits: Thriving Military Recruitment Program Blocked: Video: Laser Hummer Blasts 50 Bombs: Supacat Unveils Contender for New U.K. Vehicle: Construction on Fourth S80 Sub Begins in Spain: Iran to unveil three new home-built satellites: report: India on high alert as LeT buys para-gliding equipment: General Dynamics Gets $33M Order to Supply Bradley Reactive Armor Sets: Neuroscientists Say Their Brain Scans Can Spot PTSD: UPDATE on Bible Scopes: US Will Remove as Well: USMC chief warns of amphibious forces under stress: Officials: U.S. To Give Unarmed Drones To Pakistan:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/23/2010 12:37:40 AM
New Tactics For Cyber Combat: Fincantieri Sells Two Stealth Vessels to the UAE: IP Routing in Space: Sons of Sa?ar? Israel?s Next Generation Frigates: Electronic Warfare Evolves: LockMart Exoskeleton Update: Next-Generation Jammer Takes Shape: China eyes grand plan to develop Tibetan regions: Ex-Pentagon official sentenced to 3 years in China spy case: Marines to mark official end of their Anbar mission in Iraq:;_ylt=AmRhQiEXbyRJtDwUhnwz1XNvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJrNHF2Z2Z1BGFzc2V0A21jY2xhdGNoeS8yMDEwMDEyMi8zNDA3NzEzBHBvcwMzMQRzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA21hcmluZXN0b21hcg-- Petraeus: Missile-Shooting Ships on Station in the Gulf: With Mideast peace talks stalled, activists fear a new intifada:;_ylt=Agkylt1MQaYfCHnf8k4D27hvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJkY2ZvcjBuBGFzc2V0A2NzbS8yMDEwMDEyMi8yNzUzMzQEcG9zAzMzBHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDd2l0aG1pZGVhc3Rw
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esmoore5    More links.   1/25/2010 1:42:28 AM
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esmoore5    More links.   1/25/2010 6:44:18 PM
Iraqi Military Still Hearts Bomb-Detecting Magic Wand: Report: U.S. Drone Goes Down Over Pakistan. Again.: Paging James Cameron: Pentagon Wants 3-D Surveillance: All Politics is Local: Foot on Bomb, Marine Defies a Taliban Trap: First A400M Flight Phase Goes Well: Defeating IEDs: Will a management shakeup work this time?: Military Medical Advisor Calls for Development of 3D Human Models: Engineers Develop Single-Wing Twirling Drone: Turks, Uighurs killed by Afghan drone attack: website: In Canada, New Life for Long-Delayed SAR Plane: Israel's Heavy-Hauling UAVs Are Ready for Battle: France Upgrading Their E-3F AWACS: U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google: Hezbollah's relocation of rocket sites to Lebanon's interior poses wider threat: Ayalon: Hezbollah testing antiaircraft missiles:,7340,L-3838871,00.html Lockheed: Road to F-35 sales in Gulf goes through Israel: Integrated Cyber Operations:
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