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Subject: No more Dirty Little Links?
esmoore5    8/18/2009 11:40:48 AM
Can't find "Dirty Little Links" (or submit new entries for such) on the main page anymore. What happened?
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esmoore5    More links.   11/6/2011 9:46:04 PM
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esmoore5    More links.   11/7/2011 1:21:34 PM

Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died:


Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan Police Chief:


Multiple missteps led to drone killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan:


Services Have Learned Irregular Warfare, Leaders Say:


Top aide: Gadhafi's 'suicidal' flight to birthplace:


Royal Navy engineer relives coming under fire in Libya:


Islamist commander sees Libyan fighters keeping weapons:


Russia issues stark warning against attack on Iran:


IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability:


Syrian troops fight defectors in besieged Homs:


Yemen: 6 Al-Qaida-Linked Militants Killed In South:


Iraqi governor escapes assassination:


Vietnam war vets seize back hijacked ship:


US Navy Delivers Sixth Coastal Patrol Boat to Iraq:


Pirate attacks thwarted by Singaporean navy vessel:


Robots Piggybacking on Robots:


The Navy’s LCS missile woes:


So Long, Launchpads; Pentagon Wants Jets to Send Sats Into Orbit:


Who Wants to Buy a Rare RAF Fighter?:


China opens up military space programme:


Navy Faces Projected Destroyer Shortfall:


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esmoore5    More links.   11/8/2011 4:53:34 PM
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esmoore5       11/9/2011 1:46:00 PM

Rogue Afghan soldier shoots three Australians:


Official: Up to 70 insurgents killed in Afghan battle:


19 true things generals can't say in public about the Afghan war: A helpful primer:


U.S. Navy Extends Afghan Tour of Duty for Northrop Grumman-Built Fire Scout:


Niger military clashes with a group from Libya, headed to Mali; Weapons, prisoners taken:


Iran won't retreat 'one iota' from nuclear program, president says:


Real Iran Nuke Threat: Thousands of ‘Loose Geeks’:


Huge U.S. air base returned to Iraqi control:


Accused Al-Qaeda Leader is Arraigned in U.S.S. Cole Bombing:


Remains of US war dead mishandled at morgue: probe:


Bombs kill 8 in Baghdad market, Iraqi police say:


Kenya sinks al Shabaab boats:


Somalia Piracy Spurs Private Navy to Start Within Five Months:


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esmoore5    More links.   11/9/2011 1:46:54 PM
China to send armed patrols on Mekong: report:" target="_blank">link Crowd-Designing an Armored Fighting Vehicle:" target="_blank">link Navy Arming Fire Scout Drone Helos:" target="_blank">link Commanding officer of carrier Truman dies:" target="_blank">link Army step closer to enabling self-aware network:" target="_blank">link Vietnam's plea puts South Block in a predicament:" target="_blank">link UK suspends Hawk, Tornado, Tucano flights after Red Arrows fatality:" target="_blank">link First Mi-17V-5 helicopters delivered to India:" target="_blank">link Counterfeit products in Pentagon supplies:" target="_blank">link U.S. Pacific Fleet Head Warns of Tactical Missteps:" target="_blank">link USAF general: Iraqi air defenses to have two-year ‘gap’:" target="_blank">link China bolstering cyber defenses for modern-day warfare:" target="_blank">link Mexican Authorities Bust Communication Tower Used by Cartel:" target="_blank">link
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esmoore5    More links.   11/10/2011 1:09:59 PM

Three dead, US troops hurt in Afghan attack:" target="_blank">link


In Afghanistan, special units do the dirty work:" target="_blank">link


Chopper Use in Vietnam Versus Afghanistan:" target="_blank">link



Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent:,7340,L-4146150,00.html" target="_blank">link


21 killed across Syria, activists say:" target="_blank">link


Six Lessons I Learned From Bombing Iran:" target="_blank">link


Swedish Gripen Community Draws Libya Lessons:


Iraq pullout blinds U.S. intel operations:" target="_blank">link


Plane bombs South Sudan refugee camp - witness:" target="_blank">link


US: Arab leaders offered safe haven to Syria's Assad:" target="_blank">link


Russia 'ready to build new reactors' in Iran:" target="_blank">link


Nigerian soldiers receive counterinsurgency training in America to counter militants:" target="_blank">link


Goodbye Dolphin Tale, Hello Gitmo: Pentagon Premieres Terror Trial Movies:" target="_blank">link


Al-Qaeda's North Africa branch says got Libya weapons:" target="_blank">link


PAF OV-10 crashed:



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esmoore5    More links.   11/10/2011 1:10:40 PM
‘Biggest Cybercriminal Takedown in History’:" target="_blank">link Russia orders five Yasen class nuclear subs:" target="_blank">link BAE guided rocket clears tests with US Marine Corps UH-1Y helicopter:" target="_blank">link Scientist creates thermal 'invisibility cloak':" target="_blank">link Pentagon Regrowing Soldiers’ Muscles From Pig Cells:" target="_blank">link U.S. to Build Up Military in Australia:" target="_blank">link LONGBOW LLC’s Data Link Controls UAS from Apache Block III Attack Helicopter for the First Time:" target="_blank">link Speculation continues over Hezbollah’s ability to disable Israeli drones:" target="_blank">link Boeing receives $1.7 B For 7 more US Navy P-8A Poseidon Aircraft:" target="_blank">link Border Surveillance Plan Stumbles as Two-Thirds of Mexico Declared Unsafe:" target="_blank">link Renegade China soldiers 'killed' after Jilin emergency:" target="_blank">link China, Vietnam Vessels Collide At Sea – Literally:" target="_blank">link US may purchase Iron Dome batteries:" target="_blank">link UK's first Type 45 destroyer ready for maiden deployment:" target="_blank">link Venezuelan Navy Chases Off Nuclear Sub: Chavez:" target="_blank">link
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esmoore5    More links.   11/11/2011 7:08:20 PM
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esmoore5    More links.   11/12/2011 7:51:17 PM
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esmoore5    More links.   11/13/2011 5:26:59 PM
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