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Subject: No more Dirty Little Links?
esmoore5    8/18/2009 11:40:48 AM
Can't find "Dirty Little Links" (or submit new entries for such) on the main page anymore. What happened?
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esmoore5    More links.   9/21/2011 12:28:47 PM

Ex-Afghan Leader's Assassin Waited Days to See Him:


US, Pakistan agree to limit troops:


Militants fire on Pakistan army chopper:


Uphill battle against Afghan cross-border strikes:


Afghans Buying Hand-Held Mine Detectors:



AQ Khan Documents:



NATO extends Libya mission:


Dassault uses Libya war to boost Rafale:


US ambassador returns to Libya:


Libya won't secure borders for "long time"-envoy:


European special forces fought in Libya: Iraq FM:


Source: US hikers released from Iran prison:


US considers emergency hot line with Iran: official:


China unveils Type 820 low-altitude air defense radar:


INS Vikramaditya Carrier Is 85% Ready:


The X-37’s uncertain fate:


War Hatchet: Israel Orders More Cardom Self-Propelled Mortars:



Mongolia: Britain caved on spy extradition:


V-22 gets more lift via software change:


AFA: Service to Replace ALCMs on B-52:


Can Britannia Rule The Waves Again?:


Unit Prepped Nuclear Bomber in 30 Hours — And Still Passed Inspection:


Taiwan Announces U.S. Release of F-16A/B Upgrade:


Sea Giraffe AMB selected for LCS program:


AF gen: GPS, LightSquared ‘can’t coexist’:


U.S. Drone Bases To Strike Somalia, Yemen: Report:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/22/2011 12:41:02 PM

Mullen Says Pakistan Aided Embassy Attack:


Military Struggles to Find Helium for Spy Blimp Surge:


Ex-Afghan president lured into deadly trap: survivor:


Pakistan frees al Qaeda commander: report:


Shaken Troops Face New Foe: Early Dementia:


Libyan-American recalls horror of 'grave cell' inside Gadhafi prison:


Libyan ex-prime minister under Gadhafi arrested in southern Tunisia:


Gaddafi forces "executing people" in Sirte: residents:


Libya rulers say they seize Gaddafi desert outposts:


UK extends Libya commitment, but will withdraw Typhoons:


Syrian students increasingly join protests:



9 Killed in Renewed Violence in Yemeni Capital:


Kalandiya: IDF uses ‘Scream’ anti-riot device for 1st time:


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed:


Cobra helmets for SAAF Gripen:


Russia to refit nuclear missile cruisers:


AT-6 Tested for Light Air Defense Missions:


Classified Satellite to Get New Protective Payload:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/22/2011 12:41:59 PM

Thailand’s New Second-Hand Submarines?:



German Army Orders Additional MUNGO 2 Multi-Purpose Vehicles:


First Yasen Class Sub Is off for Sea Trials:


Turkey's war against Kurds could widen:


Air Force Successfully Fires Electromagnetic Weapon:


Pentagon recommends Taiwan buy F-35B, AV-8B:


US Army moves to set up possible growth variant of CH-47 Chinook:


Tunisian army kills armed infiltrators near Algeria:


Advanced Unmanned Helicopter Debuts in Beijing Air Show:


Peru upgrades navy, air defenses:


America’s hidden industrial ‘surge’ weakness:


Boeing delivers first Peace Eye 737 AEW&C to South Korea:


China Strongly Condemns U.S.-Taiwan F-16 Deal:


New Game Lets You Be a War Correspondent (PTSD, Drained Wallet Sold Separately):


Nothing But Netz: Romania’s New Fighters:



Lloyd's insurer sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks':


Drone attack kills 10 Qaeda suspects in south Yemen:


Lockheed unveils concept to replace AMRAAM-HARM:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/24/2011 6:25:04 PM
Pakistan warns U.S. against hot pursuit on its soil:" target="_blank">link US demands Pakistan act against Haqqani insurgents:" target="_blank">link US fights a war of perceptions in Afghanistan:" target="_blank">link Libyans fight for control of Gadhafi stronghold Sirte:" target="_blank">link Libyans with no leadership quit Bani Walid front:" target="_blank">link Oil workers saved key parts of Libya's lifeblood:" target="_blank">link Syrian army shooting at Lebanese town, Future News reports:" target="_blank">link Thousands riot in south China over land grabs: report:" target="_blank">link India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile:" target="_blank">link Russia believes US, Israel behind Iran worm attack: official:" target="_blank">link Egyptian Air Force becomes new Airbus Military C295 operator:" target="_blank">link New Details Emerge in Death That Sparked Egypt Revolt:" target="_blank">link Ahmadinejad Calls for Western Navies to Leave Gulf:" target="_blank">link French ambassador attacked in Syria:" target="_blank">link Yemeni forces launch deadly attack on main opposition camp:" target="_blank">link Great guns for Saudi Arabia:" target="_blank">link US sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel: report:" target="_blank">link South Korea wants to develop own version of Patriot:" target="_blank">link Four More Top Officers Held for Turkish 'Coup Plot':" target="_blank">link Voted Off the Island: The USCG’s Deepwater FRC Program:" target="_blank">link Russian military might worries region: Estonian general:" target="_blank">link 5 Mind Blowing Things Crowds Do Better Than Experts:" target="_blank">link
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esmoore5    More links.   9/24/2011 6:25:50 PM

Syrian army shooting at Lebanese town, Future News reports: link...
Thousands riot in south China over land grabs: report: link...
India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile: link...
Russia believes US, Israel behind Iran worm attack: official: link...
Egyptian Air Force becomes new Airbus Military C295 operator: link...
New Details Emerge in Death That Sparked Egypt Revolt: link...
Ahmadinejad Calls for Western Navies to Leave Gulf: link...
French ambassador attacked in Syria: link...
Yemeni forces launch deadly attack on main opposition camp: link...
Great guns for Saudi Arabia: link...
US sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel: report: link...
South Korea wants to develop own version of Patriot: link...
Four More Top Officers Held for Turkish 'Coup Plot': link...
Voted Off the Island: The USCG’s Deepwater FRC Program: link...
Russian military might worries region: Estonian general: link...
5 Mind Blowing Things Crowds Do Better Than Experts: link...

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esmoore5    More links.   9/25/2011 7:20:58 PM
Building used by CIA attacked in Afghan capital: />

Afghanistan warns Pakistan against border fighting: />

Pakistani commanders meet after US criticism: />

Deadlier than the Taliban? Meet Afghanistan's version of the Sopranos: />

Gadhafi gunmen cross border from Algeria to Libya: />

New Libya Regime Says It Controls 'Banned Weapons': />

Libyan Mirage on display at Malta International Airshow: />

Libya finds mass grave from 1996 massacre: />

Syria: The revolution will be weaponised: />

Explosions kill 10 people in holy city in Iraq: />

Turkey to deploy warships over gas dispute with Cyprus: />

Navy Driving China's Military Expansion: />

Drone makers seek out new targets: />

Autonomous Kill Bots Continue A Trend: />

US considers military trial for Hezbollah commander: />

HC-130J Combat King II: />

Saudi Women Get Right To Vote, But Can't Drive Yet: />

Erdogan: U.S. likely to deploy drones on Turkish soil to fight Kurdish rebels: />

Zumwalt Program Moves Smoothly Under Radar: />
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esmoore5    More links.   9/26/2011 12:37:16 PM

Afghan employee kills US citizen at embassy annex:


Pakistan 'will not launch' Haqqani offensive:


Top Chinese security official visits Pakistan:


NATO slams 'brutal' pro-Kadhafi forces in Sirte:


Civilians flee Kadhafi town as medics warn of crisis:


Libya says mass grave may contain Abu Salim prisoners:


Libyan jet's roundels changed in poignant ceremony:


Scotland hunts other Lockerbie bomb plotters:


Official: Syrian troops captured in central town;


Taking iPads into battle:


Boeing, U.S. Navy deliver proposal to equip JASDF with F/A-18E Block II:


VIDEO & PHOTOS: China's 1st UAV "mega-festival":


The Increased Threat of Attacks on SCADA Systems:


Vulture UAV Could Replace Downed Satellites:


Zumwalt gun test a success: US Navy:


Can the NYPD Shoot Down a Plane? Kinda, Sorta, Not Exactly.:


Government by crime syndicate:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/27/2011 2:24:45 PM

Pakistanis tied to 2007 border ambush on Americans:


Pakistan vows support to China in terror fight:


Not A Single Afghan Battalion Fights Without U.S. Help:


Bombings kill 18 civilians in Afghanistan:


Army’s New Bomb-Squad Recruit: Knight Rider’s Robotic Car:


Air Force employee resigns over alleged spy ring:


NATO helps attack Gadhafi hometown:


Libyans Flee Loyalist City:


Libya Conflict Left UK Military Under Considerable Strain:


‘We had to free our country… even at the cost of our own lives’:


Partial oil production resumes in Libya:


Iraq Buys F-16s, Strengthening Its Air Force:


Militants attack Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel:


Yemeni defense minister escapes assassination bid:



Syria forces storm refuge for army defectors:


IDF gearing up to legally defend ‘Marmara’ soldiers:


Australia opens front-line military roles to women:


Paramount, Aerosud unveil “revolutionary new aircraft”:


German Navy Receives New Anti-Ship Missile:


Turkey bombs PKK bases in north Iraq: rebels:


Rafael working on 5th generation of Litening:


Seoul develops supersonic cruise missile:


On US Strikes in Somalia:



From South Korean spy to bicycle repair man:


Treasure hunters eye huge silver haul from WWII ship:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/28/2011 1:47:15 PM

How Pakistan Lost Its Top U.S. Friend :


Officer: 8 Afghan policemen killed at checkpoint:


Aid agency withdrew Pakistan staff after CIA fake vaccination scheme:


UN: Violence in Afghanistan Jumps About 40 Percent:


Libya's new government thinks it knows where Gadhafi is hiding:


Anti-Gadhafi commander killed in loyalist bastion:


Gaddafi could still destabilize N.Africa: Libya PM:


Syrian uprising showing signs of armed rebellion:


Nuclear engineer assassinated in central Syria, latest in string of similar murders:


Iranian Naval Diplomacy: Public Absurdity is the Usual, Expected Distraction:



T-6 advisory mission ceases, Iraqi pilots teach their own:


Many Christians in Syria back dictator Bashar al-Assad:


Russian captain blames nuclear sub for accident: report:


Qaida Magazine Reduced To Reminiscing About 9/11:


MBDA Germany prepares way for C-RAM Laser Weapon System:


South Korea to build naval base near disputed island:


BAE: Eurofighter pitch offers Japan 'sovereign control' of Typhoon:


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esmoore5    More links.   9/28/2011 1:48:11 PM
Taiwan To Upgrade IDFs, Buy 50 Trainers:" target="_blank">link Filipino troops kill Abu Sayyaf leader:" target="_blank">link Oto Melara Revitalizes Naval Guns with New Multi-mission Ammunition Capabilities:" target="_blank">link Army Tracking Plan: Drones That Never Forget a Face:" target="_blank">link Boeing’s Super-Sized Manned “UAV”:" target="_blank">link Iraq: A Culture Of Collapse:" target="_blank">link Indonesia to jointly produce C705 ASM with China:" target="_blank">link Israel's Iron Dome gains anti-aircraft role:" target="_blank">link Video: Stealth Cruise Missile Hunts Ship:" target="_blank">link Hunt on for Russian nuclear smuggler: US report:" target="_blank">link Iran Equips Marine Forces with 'Cruise Missile':" target="_blank">link Mexican Cartel Snuffs Social Media Star as Violence Nears ‘Civil War’ Levels:" target="_blank">link
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