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Subject: No more Dirty Little Links?
esmoore5    8/18/2009 11:40:48 AM
Can't find "Dirty Little Links" (or submit new entries for such) on the main page anymore. What happened?
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esmoore5    More links.   1/13/2011 1:11:52 PM
Pentagon?s Mach 6 Warplane May Return From Limbo: Arab League fears Lebanon upheaval will spark civil war: Violent clashes spread to centre of Tunisian capital:;_ylt=AhRK4OxwaF0xHEtRuimT_IhvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJvZWlhbWx0BGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTEzL3VzX3R1bmlzaWFfcHJvdGVzdHMEcG9zAzYEc2VjA3luX2FydGljbGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawN2aW9sZW50Y2xhc2g- Army Pilots Will Fly Helos, Drones at the Same Time: Hamas deploys forces near Israel-Gaza border to enforce truce: Next Israeli-Arab War Could Begin In Beirut: Last Call for Army?s ?Flying Beer Keg? Drone: IDF troops on alert following collapse of Lebanon government: ATK reveals details, export interest in supersonic target drone: Marines? Next Swimming Tank May Look Reeeaaally Familiar: Kuwaiti PM visits Baghdad for the first time since Gulf war:;_ylt=AqngMVDtoasUPnU.yoflPt5vaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJkdW5hZmRrBGFzc2V0A2NzbS8yMDExMDExMi8zNTYwMTIEcG9zAzM0BHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDa3V3YWl0aXBtdmlz F-4 continues long-time service to Air Force with new mission: TSA Worker Gets 2 Years for Planting Logic Bomb in Screening System: Donley Gives Peek At Future Bomber Program: Alenia Aermacchi tests low radar cross-section kit for M-346: WikiLeaks' Assange: China is our real enemy: U.S. Army to Buy Only 1 More Brigade Set of NIKs: Indian AWACS Moving Forward on 2 Fronts: Officials: UN air crew kidnapped in Darfur:;_ylt=Aj6HRB9yZQ3JmEpR40c0dFYLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJsZDB0aXY2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTEzL21sX3N1ZGFuX2RhcmZ1cgRwb3MDMQRzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNvZmZpY2lhbHN1bmE- Diehl BGT Demonstrates Mutual Active Protection System (MAPS): NRL Begins Field Tests of Laser Acoustic Propagation:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/14/2011 8:48:51 PM
Tunisian president quits after violent protests: Army Looks Ahead To Next Generation Of Body Armor And Helmets: U.S. Had Helo Deal With Ousted Tunisian Dictator: U.S. Navy Upgrades P-3C Orion Aircraft: P-3 Subhunters Using ASW Gear to Find Narco-Subs?: More Video: Next-Gen Helmet-Mounted Cuing System: Detainees don police uniforms in Iraq jailbreak:;_ylt=AoyxLH8Nu6tlvf1FBfyyESYLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJlaWRwc2x2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE0L21sX2lyYXEEcG9zAzEwBHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2RldGFpbmVlc2Rvbg-- Old School Jet Retooled to Slay Stealth Fighters: &>68;R to spend CZK 170m on AWACS modernisation till 2013: Book accuses U.S. and Swiss of nuclear cover-up:;_ylt=AtvQwRr9QYLzspIkIUCHqY8LewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJtaGQwMW10BGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTE0L3VzX251Y2xlYXJfYXJtcwRwb3MDMzgEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDYm9va2FjY3VzZXN1 Merlin's New Look: Russians Aren?t So Hot to Cut Small Nukes: CMC Program to Define Future SSBN Launchers for UK, USA: Sadr return complicates US troop presence in Iraq:;_ylt=AlRiAF9oSIQM1l2TzDR.hv4LewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ2Z251MmtmBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTEzL21sX2lyYXFfdXNfdHJvb3BfZGlsZW1tYQRwb3MDMjEEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDc2FkcnJldHVybmNv Navy?s Message to Shipbuilders: If We Go Down, You Go Down, Too: Tweet Away, Troops: Pentagon Won?t Ban Social Media: USA Upgrades Submarine Fleet Acoustics Under A-RCI Program: Marine Corps: Good Riddance to the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle: Smarter Somali Pirates Thwarting Navies, NATO Admits: In Nuclear Silos, Death Wears a Snuggie: Japanese military seeks greater cooperation with U.S.: Army Announces Plans to Acquire Unmanned Helicopters: Electric Boat Recruits Engineers For New Sub: US able to destroy N. Korea missiles: general: RMTS makes debut on Desert Chameleons: Boeing CEO: Chinese Stealth Jet a Harbinger of Things to Come: Zombie Sat May Soon Be Back In Business: New Armed Services Chair Plans Reorganization: Indonesia Giving Priority to C-130 Hercules Planes:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/15/2011 9:31:16 PM
Shooting on the streets as Tunisia tries to form coalition:;_ylt=Ao5E_u2NaXNu54m3Zoqw11xvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJrbmQxODNlBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTE1L3VzX3R1bmlzaWFfcHJvdGVzdHMEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMyBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcnkEc2xrA3Nob290aW5nb250aA-- Military commission: Lift ban, allow women in combat: Tejas ? India?s First Indigenous Combat Aircraft Cleared to Operate by Indian Air-Force Pilots: Police commander abducted in Mexican coastal state:;_ylt=AkDX_pn5FJK3mNY4c8yrbKpvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTMyOWh1Nm1sBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE1L2x0X21leGljb19jb21tYW5kZXJfYWJkdWN0ZWQEcG9zAzE2BHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDcG9saWNlY29tbWFu Hungary to overhaul Mi17s for Afghanistan: India Seek To Expand AEW Fleet to Extend Airspace Coverage: Taliban torch 16 NATO tankers in Pakistan:;_ylt=AndkIeHs_cebW6EpRPBhnWYBxg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTM1NTlra2xmBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDExNS9wYWtpc3RhbmFmZ2hhbmlzdGFudW5yZXN0bmF0bwRwb3MDMTAEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDdGFsaWJhbnRvcmNo 20 years after Gulf War, Iraqis prefer to forget: Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq: Iran says 2 downed spy planes were US-operated:;_ylt=AtxYJwDGsQFIA2tYJoJ6gM4LewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJwY2JkNnRmBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE1L21sX2lyYW5fc3B5X3BsYW5lcwRwb3MDMTAEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDaXJhbnNheXMyZG93 India Floats a New Bid for Six New Tankers: RAF personnel start Rivet Joint training: Pirates seize S.Korean-run ship in Indian Ocean:;_ylt=ApaCrcEaLlN2337LHOSVzcwBxg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJyN2lqNmlxBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDExNS9za29yZWFzb21hbGlhcGlyYWN5BHBvcwMyMgRzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNwaXJhdGVzc2VpemU-
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esmoore5    More links.   1/17/2011 1:26:44 AM
With Stuxnet, Did The U.S. And Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era?: Iran: US spy planes shot down outside air space:;_ylt=Ah8v10LJikYLHHR789.SwaYLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJwdHFoa2hwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE2L21sX2lyYW5fc3B5X3BsYW5lcwRwb3MDMjYEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDaXJhbnVzc3B5cGxh Scorched-earth fear as bullets fly in Tunisian capital: DRS Expands Armor Product Offering With Its All-New Compact Tablet: New Prize in Cold War: Cuban Doctors: Bomb kills 1 at Iraqi militia headquarters:;_ylt=Ar_4Zwc4MIjkCDaHkooPSUQLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJlaG02bG02BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE2L21sX2lyYXEEcG9zAzIxBHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2JvbWJraWxsczFhdA-- Hezbollah?s Gambit in Lebanon: Report: UN tribunal to link Iran's Supreme Leader with Hariri assassination: Program Update NEW-HIP: Blair had a 'wobble' over 1998 Iraq bombing campaign: report: Invisible tanks could be on battlefield within five years:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/17/2011 7:09:58 PM
First indictment filed in Lebanon's Hariri killing:;_ylt=Am1U.RLRsbRFiUbZoAntUjMLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ0ZDZ0cjNyBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE3L2xlYmFub25faGFyaXJpX3RyaWJ1bmFsBHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2ZpcnN0aW5kaWN0bQ-- Stuxnet virus attack: Russia warns of ?Iranian Chernobyl': Swiss banker hands secrets over to Wikileaks: Cyber-Expert Langner to Iran: Be Very Worried About Stuxnet 2.0: Iran says it to sue Israel for scientist's murder:;_ylt=Au2vEu39XBkq6T44TC3thFQLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTM3NjQxYXFtBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDExNy9pcmFubnVjbGVhcnBvbGl0aWNzdW5yZXN0aXNyYWVsBHBvcwM0MQRzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNpcmFuc2F5c2l0dG8- IAI delivers 12 UAVs to Russia in key deal: First Look: The H&K 416C: U.S. Air National Guard To Equip Northrop Grumman?s Guardian DIRCM on KC-135: Haiti's political twist: Former dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier shows up:;_ylt=AmZ7lj5LpidZRqjrvWyqduhvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJkZWNmaGRqBGFzc2V0A2NzbS8yMDExMDExNy8zNTY5MTEEcG9zAzMwBHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDaGFpdGkzOXNwb2xp Home Front Command reduces warning time for incoming missiles to 90 seconds: Sikorsky Unveils State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Center for CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter: Bomb Kills 19 in Pakistan:
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esmoore5    A few links.   1/18/2011 4:07:33 PM
Tunisia coalition hits trouble on day two:;_ylt=Ajbl.BA5RROssDqOwKVq2y5vaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJrNG9zb2syBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTE4L3VzX3R1bmlzaWFfcHJvdGVzdHMEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMyBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcnkEc2xrA3R1bmlzaWFjb2FsaQ-- Tunisian Spark Spreads Extreme Protests: All-Seeing Blimp Could Be Afghanistan?s Biggest Brain: Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 52 police recruits:;_ylt=AsPO6n4J0Z_tcsgKeXWlP0ILewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJkbGRkZWthBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE4L21sX2lyYXEEcG9zAzcEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDc3VpY2lkZWJvbWJp Israel concerned Russia will recognize Palestinian state: Qaeda?s Terror Chef is Running Out of Recipes: Panzers to Afghanistan: Soldiers Test New Beta Voice-Translation Smart Phones: Taiwan's unusually public missile test fizzles:;_ylt=Ass9uOLHvNpFomr7G9ZXofkBxg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJzanBnaGIwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE4L2FzX3RhaXdhbl9taXNzaWxlX3Rlc3QEcG9zAzYEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDdGFpd2Fuc3VudXN1 MV-22's arrive in Afghanistan...: Cyber War Crimes?: Mexico police: founding member of Zetas captured:;_ylt=ArSZvWVmJ5HQBUeCI0DhUO5vaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJvc2NldHBnBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE4L2x0X2RydWdfd2FyX21leGljbwRwb3MDMTcEc2VjA3luX2FydGljbGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNtZXhpY29wb2xpY2U- WikiLeaks Contributes $15,000 to Bradley Manning?s Defense: US Marine Corps Tanks in Afghanistan.: Afghan officials: 50 Taliban switch sides in north:;_ylt=AqizwFydz5Zql0qw5nhUCuEBxg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJsNTJqdGI3BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTE4L2FzX2FmZ2hhbmlzdGFuBHBvcwMyOARzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNhZmdoYW5vZmZpY2k- U.K. Merlin Modernization Road Map Advances: Enhancing Brazil?s AMX Light Attack Fighters: Future Defence Kit Showcased: RecceLite Inspects Dutch Dikes: Top Marine: We Love These Budget Cuts! No, Seriously!: Desert Chameleon APCs for Kuwait: Philippines to consider OV-10 replacement:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/19/2011 12:52:55 PM
Hezbollah moving toward escalatory steps, says source: Hizbullah reported to drill military takeover of Beirut: WikiLeaks: U.S. told diplomats to gather intelligence on Israel, PA: Arrr! Pirates Take Up to $12 Billion Worth of Booty: Twin suicide blasts kill 16 in central Iraq:;_ylt=AomDw841R3PAWiHKCMZnknILewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJpdWozYmEzBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDExOS9pcmFxdW5yZXN0BHBvcwMzMgRzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawN0d2luc3VpY2lkZWI- N. Korea Started Nuke Program in 1990s: Defector: Lockheed Gets Big Bucks to Prep Soldiers for Urban War: Crime Fighting Blimp? Police in Utah Eying Unmanned Blimp for Night Patrol: Bomb blast kills 20 Afghan civilians in southeast:;_ylt=AtxyU5HScwJ1KAiO4o3Hw.tvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJwMnViODVxBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTE5L3VzX2FmZ2hhbmlzdGFuX2JsYXN0BHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDYm9tYmJsYXN0a2ls Shin Bet chief: Al-Qaida affiliated groups behind Gaza violence: Will Taiwan?s Missile Flop Score U.S. Pity Points?: Brazil to review F-X2 fighter requirement, says Roussef: Britain Looks To Plug Intel And Carrier Gaps: U.S. told to 'sabotage' Iran's nuclear program, says WikiLeaks: Pentagon Retools Bio-Effort After $1 Billion Flop: Gang Violence in Central America Expanding its Reach: Brazil signs deal for Hermes 450 UAVs: Tunisia: A Digitally-Driven, Leaderless Revolution: French Army Intervention in Niger Criticised: New rotorcraft designs sought by US Army: Israel finances military helicopter deal for South Sudan: Report Reveals Undisclosed F-35 Problems: How the Tunisian Army Helped Bring Ben Ali Down: US-backed bio-weapons lab irks Kazakh opposition: China Restores Soviet Aircraft Carrier: Expert: Behind The New Bomber:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/20/2011 12:58:18 PM
Korea breakthrough as Seoul agrees to talks with North:;_ylt=ApV3fESzgRLF7JOst7JDgV9vaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJsbzBvbGc3BGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTIwL3VzX2tvcmVhX25vcnRoX3RhbGtzBGNwb3MDMQRwb3MDMgRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNrb3JlYWJyZWFrdGg- Bombs kill at least 50 along pilgrim route to Shiite holy city of Karbala: Qaeda Killer?s Veins Implicate Him In Journo?s Murder: With Baby Doc back in Haiti, Aristide calls next:;_ylt=AnUlILup0aoE1Yj_Y2g0SbxvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTMyMHVvdGRpBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTIwL2NiX2hhaXRpX2V4X2RpY3RhdG9yX3JldHVybnMEcG9zAzE2BHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDd2l0aGJhYnlkb2Ni U.S. prepares to lift ban on Guantanamo cases: Father-Son Spy Drama Ends With Dad?s 8-Year Sentence: Lebanon boosts security; political crisis deepens:;_ylt=AgDxf6EZH3XajdoPISTB..ALewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJwbDhwbDdmBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTIwL21sX2xlYmFub25fcG9saXRpY3MEcG9zAzkEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDbGViYW5vbmJvb3N0 USAF Assesses New KC-10 Upgrade Bids: 25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map: Gray Eagle UAS Program Expanding: Canada arrests man wanted on U.S. terrorism charges:;_ylt=AucU_aQXeDoabscTNVQMWWFvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJxaGNqZTJiBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwMTIwL2NhbmFkYV91c191c2FfYXJyZXN0BHBvcwMyNgRzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2NhbmFkYWFycmVzdA-- PICTURE: Morocco's first T-6C trainers head for home: More Guard, Reserve Soldiers Are Committing Suicide: Northrop Grumman-Built STSS Demonstration Satellites Complete On-Orbit Calibration, Ready for BMDS Tests: Battle brews over US Marines EFV, larger mission: Senior German al Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan: Claim: WikiLeaks Published Documents Siphoned Over File-Sharing Software: Al-Qaida plans infiltrations: Singapore's S-70B Seahawks enter service: New Meta-Material Could Render Submarines Invisible to Sonar Detection: Kingdom to manufacture 70% of military hardware locally: Third Of Russian Conscripts Too Sick To Serve: Vandenberg to launch its tallest rocket:,0,2699692.story Israel preparing to deliver two OPV to Equato Guinea Navy: US Army imagines life after Apache, Black Hawk, Chinook and Kiowa: Hussein Wanted Soviets to Head Off U.S. in 1991: More than 100 alleged mobsters arrested East Coast sweep:
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esmoore5    More links.   1/21/2011 12:58:22 PM
Russian spy Anna Chapman to reveal 'all secrets': Launch of giant rocket in Southern California heard for miles:,0,410521.story New Navy Jammer Could Invade Networks, Nuke Sites: PICTURES: Cameron welcomes RAF's last C-17 to Brize Norton: Bin Laden links French hostages' fate to Afghan pullout:;_ylt=AlbcziwM7cVH97Fx3B6X7eVvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTNhZjcwYmI0BGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDEyMS9hZmdoYW5pc3RhbmZyYW5jZWhvc3RhZ2VzbWVkaWFsYWRlbgRwb3MDMTkEc2VjA3luX2FydGljbGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNiaW5sYWRlbmxpbms- Far Seeing: South Korea Storms Hijacked Ship, Rescues Hostages: Lebanon rivals braced for showdown:;_ylt=Agv5mz5AxnDlej9bkhqiyScLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ2NzN1MWs2BGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDEyMS9sZWJhbm9udHJpYnVuYWxwb2xpdGljcwRwb3MDMzIEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDbGViYW5vbnJpdmFs British Anti-Submarine Warfare Force In Flux: Navy Reports a ?Breakthrough? for Its Superlaser: Taiwan may test missiles again after flop: Former Iranian hostages reunite at West Point:;_ylt=AoUPkBM2lq_CyxPkXLcSwUULewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ1bjBkcXNtBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMTIxL3VzX2lyYW5faG9zdGFnZV9yZXVuaW9uBHBvcwMzMARzZWMDeW5fcGFnaW5hdGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNmb3JtZXJpcmFuaWE- The Military and the 2012 London Olympics: More Clues to Stuxnet?s Origin: U.S. Nears Deal for Russian Copters: Questions About the Airbus KC-30A Tanker Incident: Petraeus Team: Taliban Made Us Wipe Village Out: Royal Malaysian Navy Commandos Rescue Pirated Ship: New Year, More Bears: Sikorsky primes S-97 for possible AAS launch after 2014: NATO, Russia missile systems to stay separate: NATO chief: Did Blackwater Founder Fund Somalia?s Pirate Fighters?: Lockheed Martin Awarded $218 to Test Six New Anti-Ship Missiles: 3 Teams Submit Bids for U.S. Army GCV Program: Think Defense on Atlantic Conveyor: http://www.warisbori
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esmoore5    More links.   1/22/2011 10:20:43 PM
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