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Subject: News Links.
esmoore5    2/20/2013 12:25:18 PM
Having trouble posting on the "No more Dirty Little Links?" thread, which has gotten a bit long anyway. So I'll see if starting a new thread helps. Links for 2-20-2013:
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esmoore5    Links for 12-31-2013.   12/31/2013 8:17:10 PM
USENET has been having technical issues, so I'll try it this way:
Happy New Year, Afghanistan:

In Afghanistan, it’s everyone’s birthday:

The Number of People Killed in Covert Drone Strikes is Down 50 Percent:

Iran’s vexing plutonium reactor:

Iraqi leader Maliki asks Sunni rivals not to quit parliament over protest camp dispute:

AQAP suicide assault team targets security HQ in Aden:

CIA: Syria War Could Last a Decade:

Ships return to dock as Syria chemical deadline missed:

Saudi Arabia's Aid to Lebanon Presents Challenge for Iran:

Gas pipeline targeted in last Sinai attack of 2013:

Egypt seizes assets of 572 Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist leaders:

Libyan oil guards threaten to block gas pipeline to Tripoli:

Intel community: NY Times wrong, al Qaeda links in Benghazi are clear:

These Fast-Acting Response Forces Could Prevent Another Benghazi:

More than 60 militants killed in separate clashes with Nigerian troops:

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s Legacy:

Police, military out in force in bomb-hit Russian city:

Vladimir Putin vows ‘annihilation’ of terrorists:

China To Give Military Aid to Armenia:

The China-Japanese Hate Fest Escalates:

Is the Internet More Vulnerable To Physical Attacks Than To Hacking?:

The Top 10 Most Popular DARPA Stories of 2013:

Forecast: 2014 will be year of encryption:

Coming in 2014: Scary super-soldier exoskeleton suits from the US military:

HASC Seapower Chairman and ID Contributor on the Marine Corps:

New document offers glimpse of DOD’s unmanned future:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-1-2014.   1/1/2014 8:12:35 PM
U.S., Afghan tensions grow over prisoner release:

Rosy Assumptions: U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Post-2014:

Watch a Vietnam-Era Gunship Blast Bad Guys in Afghanistan:

Pakistan's truck art masters fret over NATO withdrawal:

Pakistan's Musharraf no show in court; bomb found:

Military drone pilot tells what it's like to engage in warfare day-after-day:

India Terminates Helicopter Contract with AgustaWestland over Corruption Allegations:

Militants storm Iraq police stations to free prisoners:

Syrian warplanes bomb hills inside Lebanon:

Emir of Abdullah Azzam Brigades detained in Lebanon:

Israel to name Arrow site after former US senator Daniel Inouye:

Mogadishu hotel targeted by bombs, at least 11 killed:

S Sudan city is 'war zone' despite peace efforts:

Croatia arrests ex-spy chief wanted in Germany:

CIA’s hunt for missing Russian suitcase nukes in 2003:

Chinese iron trade fuels port clash with Mexican drug cartel:

JF-17 Thunder variant may be popular among developing nations:

Photos: Liaoning battle group:

Abe says Japan's pacifist constitution may be revised by 2020:

Vietnam's First Submarine Docks at Military Base:

Shenyang designing bomber version of J-31 stealth fighter:

U.S., Canada firms to supply Philippines with UH-1 helicopters:

Mechanical malfunction caused fuel leak that downed B-1B:

Year in review: Air Force Times' top stories from 2013:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-2-2014.   1/3/2014 12:07:07 AM
Afghan prisoner-release plan said to risk ‘backlash’ in U.S. Congress:

Afghanistan-Pakistan: The Covert War:

Ex-president Pervez Musharraf goes to hospital instead of Pakistani court:

DRDO Kicks off Mission to Develop Surveillance Airship:

Al Qaeda seizes partial control of 2 cities in western Iraq:

Syrian defense systems put Turkish F-16 jets under radar lock: General Staff:

Hezbollah Upgrades Missile Threat to Israel:

Motorola Solutions to create new smartphone-based network for IDF:

Israel killed majority of those behind Buenos Aires blasts: ex-envoy:

New Intelligence: Al-Qa’ida was behind the Benghazi murders:

2nd Shabaab attack on Mogadishu's Jazeera hotel:

Rwandan ex-spy chief found 'murdered' in South Africa:

Airbus A400M tactical airlifter makes combat debut in Mali:

Palestinian ambassador killed in home explosion in Prague:

UK tightens security around drone bases:

China mulls revamping military regions: Japan report:

China military to launch 'joint command' to reorganize forces: report:

Michael Hayden, Ex-NSA Director, Says Clemency for Edward Snowden Is ‘Outrageous’ Idea:

NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption:

Bzzt! Military Wants to Protect Satellites from EMP Weapons:

Military drones set to get stronger chemical weapons and could soon make their OWN decisions during missions:

SPAWAR to upgrade EHSS radar and sonar processing capabilities:

US Navy plans Super Hornet AESA upgrade:
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esmoore5    Links for 1-3-2014.   1/3/2014 7:52:19 PM
IG FC reveals 50 insurgent camps operating in Balochistan:

Pakistan’s Polio Campaign Runs Into Taliban Wall:

Additional A-10 retirements on hold until at least end of year:

Iraq army, tribes join forces against al Qaeda:

Al-Qaeda force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq:

How al-Qaeda Changed the Syrian War:

This Is the Giant U.S. Ship That Will Eat Syria’s Chemical Weapons:

Syria rebels take on jihadists in fierce fighting:

Report: Ex-Guantanamo detainee and member of Bahrain's royal family joins Syrian jihad:

Bombings, killing in Lebanon become common as Syrian fighting expands:

Israel tests Arrow 3 missile shield with eye on Hezbollah:

Israel Replaces Export Control Chief After Tech Transfer to China:

V-22 Osprey Aircraft to be integrated in the Yas'ur (CH-53) Helicopter Squadrons:

Israel denies it killed most of the AMIA bombers:

How two F-14 Tomcats shot down two Gaddafi’s MiG-23s, 25 years ago today:

UN says 935,000 flee conflict in Central Africa:

Marines evacuate US Embassy personnel from South Sudan:

Palestinian embassy must move after blast: Prague officials:

Can the U.S. Stop China’s Korean Broadband Deal?:

Photo: J-15 buddy refueling pod unveiled:

Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report:

DARPA eyes jam-proof communications:

Pentagon Orders Hundreds more FirstLook Robots:

Exclusive: U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts:

The Pentagon Quietly Left All the Cool Stuff Out of Its Drone Report:

Exposing a Navy SEAL Imposter: How A.J. Dicken Was Found to be a Fake:

The Pentagon’s New Jet Fighter Costs Twice as Much as You’re Being Told:
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esmoore5    Links for 1-4-2014.   1/4/2014 8:18:00 PM
NATO soldier, militants killed in attack on Afghan military base:

Peace with India vital to combat terrorism: Pakistan:

Afghanistan Gets Spooky Ghostriders as the AC-130H Retires:

Imran Khan, a Pakistani provincial leader, complicates NATO plans for Afghanistan:

Al Qaeda, tribal allies 'control' Fallujah:

Iraqi army shells Falluja to try to dislodge Qaeda, tribes:

How Obama’s Syria policy fell apart:

Syrian rebels launch fierce offensive against al Qaeda fighters:

Report: Hezbollah moving scud missiles from Syria into Lebanon:

Important library in north Lebanon torched: security source:

Beirut’s Dead Qaeda Mastermind:

"Cryptography is a Strategic Element":

These Are the Wars That Will Rage in Africa in 2014:

Russian Navy to Expand Air Patrols in Arctic:

Argentine Mirage F1 buy reportedly stalls:

Trouble for the Twin-Engine Giants?:

Police Raid ‘Fortress’ of Drug Production in South China:

Canada continues CH-148 deliveries with Sikorsky deal:

The three types of NSA snooping that Edward Snowden revealed:

DoD Official Concerned US Losing Technological Edge:

A Modular Warship For 2025:

Boeing to base X-37B spy plane at former KSC shuttle facility:,0,5500552.story

Navy Laser Weapon System Shoots Down Drone:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-5-2014.   1/5/2014 8:06:56 PM
Drug trade could splinter Afghanistan into fragmented criminal state – UN:

300,000 observers for Afghanistan election:

Facing down the Taliban on the Himalayas' killer mountain:

Majority of US MRAPs To Be Scrapped or Stored:

Photo of India’s new Aircraft Carrier Battle Group. Better than China’s?:

Iran exiles call for UN probe into dissident deaths in Iraq:

Iran ready to help Iraq battle Al-Qaeda: Military chief:

Iraqi Air Force Strikes City to Try to Oust al-Qaida:

Iraq readying 'major attack' to retake Fallujah:

Kerry: US will support Iraq, but without troops:

Human body parts 'fall from sky' in Saudi:

Turkey is the New Funding Source for Hamas:

Syria rebels push al Qaeda back; U.S. open to Iran role:

Syria opposition re-elects Jarba as leader:

Syrian warplanes bomb hills inside Lebanon, 10 Syrians wounded:

Ex-navy chief: Israel has defenses against Russian missile coveted by Hezbollah:

Rwandan leader accused in killing of ex-spy chief:

Army general killed in ambush in South Sudan:

MI6 had 'blind faith’ in Kim Philby for years after Soviet agent fears:

Russia to test modernized anti-submarine aircraft:

3D-printed components flown in British fighter jet:

Man found WWII-era bombs, detonated one and attempted to sell others:

Nine dead after gunmen enter Mexican prison:

Photo: H-6G carrying YJ-12 supersonic anti-ship missiles:

China’s Air Power Future Is Visible in These Two Photos:

China's newest fighter jet J-16 revealed online:

Rapid Fall for Army General Accused of Sex Crimes:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-6-2014.   1/6/2014 12:37:04 PM

Pak govt. likely to ask Saudi Arabia to facilitate Taliban peace talks:


Afghan Police Detain 8-Year-Old Girl With Suicide Vest:


British defence experts fear for post-NATO Afghanistan:


Utah Gun Maker Turns Down $15M Deal With Pakistan:


The continuing evolution of al-Qaeda 3.0:



India Outdoes China With TWO-Carrier Photo Op:



Iraqi PM to Fallujah: oust militants to avoid assault:



Syria rebels lay siege to Qaeda-linked jihadists:



Washington's Dysfunction Is Sabotaging America's Middle East Policy:



BlueBird unveils 10h-endurance WanderB:




French Mali mission gives A400M operational debut:



Russia to Test 70 New Rockets and Missiles in 2014:


Kongsberg Maritime offers MUNIN unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) for 24-hour offshore surveillance:


Russian Navy to Get 40 New Ships in 2014:




Phot Modified J-20:


Seoul to Equip its New Maritime Helicopters with Israeli SPIKE Missiles: 



Gauging the Risk from Bioterrorism:

New Joint Security Cooperation Comm System Going Live:


Opposition to B61 threatens nuclear reductions, deterrence:


Poll: Cyberwarfare Is Top Threat Facing US:


The Navy’s 2014: Subs, Cyber, & Cheap Support Ships:


Navy eyes next generation of electronic warfare:


The Latest Word on F-35 Unit Costs:


Coast Guard to Take Control of Last USAF C-27Js:


Littoral Combat Ship LCS 5 and LCS 6 Launches Mark Beginning of Serial Production:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-7-2014.   1/7/2014 12:22:30 PM

AFPAK to APAC Hands: Lessons Learned:


Afghan Police Probe Case Of 'Suicide Attack' Girl:


U.S. wants Afghanistan to sign security deal in 'weeks not months':


USAF deactivates rescue squadron at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan:


Army Takes On Its Own Toxic Leaders:





Nuke capable Prithvi-II missile successfully test-fired from Odisha:




Iran’s mysterious military plane crashes that amount to “mass purges”:




Gunmen shoot dead Yemeni colonel in Aden:


Tribes attack Yemen pipeline twice in two days:




Iraq delays Fallujah assault as 29 killed in Ramadi:


Combat Footage From Iraq:



'274 dead' in four days of Syria rebel-jihadist clashes:


Syrian Qaeda branch urges truce to halt rebel infighting:


UN: First chemicals have left Syrian port:





Libyan navy opens fire at tanker near mutinous port:




Battle Stations! Navy Scrambles Destroyer to Challenge Russian Warship Off British Coast:




Taiwan's Sub-launched Harpoons Pose New Challenge to China's Invasion Plans:




Rebuilt HMCS Chicoutimi submarine to return to navy:




How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet:


Cyberwar: What People Keep Missing About The Threat:


The Air Force Totally Lied to You About the Fiery Fate of Its Stealth Bomber:


New bullet expands itself into four connected parts to kill better:


The U.S. Navy's New Submarine Hunter Is a Model for Success:


Northrop Grumman, Navy Complete Nine Flights of Triton Unmanned Aircraft System:

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esmoore5    Links for 1-8-2014.   1/8/2014 1:19:26 PM
Ok, looks like Google Groups is working again.
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esmoore5    Links for 1-9-2014.   1/9/2014 12:05:34 PM
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