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Subject: Israel Radically Upgrades
SYSOP    8/2/2021 5:38:12 AM
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Shirrush       8/2/2021 8:25:10 AM
None of this has been disclosed to the Israeli public whose taxes are supposed to have paid for it, so let me suppose that this impressive upgrade to the baby-blue berets' capabilities is nothing but industry (Elbit) dreams. When secular right-winger and former artilleryman Avigdor Lieberman was Defense Minister back sometime in the previous decade, there was much talk about the IDF actually procuring the new fireworks IMI was developing and Avigdog Doberman was pushing for. Since then, Elbit has bought IMI from the State and the procurement of the whole package has indeed taken place in... Azerbaijan! There also has been much public discussion, in at least the past 30 years, about the necessity to replace at least some of the IDF tube artillery. These 155 mm, 39-calibers M109 self-propelled howitzers date back from the Vietnam era, and they're not getting any better in spite of numerous, incremental fire-control upgrades and the introduction of ever-motivated female conscripts. There was hope that Soltam Ltd's truck-mounted 155 mm, 52-cal ATMOS howitzer was just about to equip the bluetop battalions, but that failed to happen and the corps went to war in the Summer of 2006 with its archaeological M-109's, writing a page of infamy in its not too glorious history, with 1.2 lakh shells fired to very little effect on Hezbollah's positions. Now there's a rumor in the defense websites, both local and international, about a 2022 plan to procure an undisclosed number of a much-improved and Gucci'ed version of the ATMOS gun truck called SIGMA, which sports a fully-automated turret with emergency manual override, from Elbit of course, which has acquired Soltam Ltd in the meantime. We'll see... What has indeed happened in the real world, and has been announced to the taxpayers with great fanfare, is that the Artillery Corps girls and boys, G_d bless them, have successfully put into service a nifty new, electrical TUAV, procured from Elbit of course, that will enable them to close the fire loop while avoiding the collateral messes so popular with foreign correspondents, in seconds. Yeah!
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