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Subject: NLOS-C fired for first time from its mobile platform.
reefdiver    11/2/2006 11:39:16 AM
FCS NLOS-C was apparently fired for the first time on Oct 31st. No details mentioned.
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doggtag       11/2/2006 1:34:12 PM
Can we a repost of a working link, please?
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reefdiver    Repost link   11/2/2006 5:02:36 PM
What is the trick to making these links work?
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Carl S       11/3/2006 12:07:44 AM
"What is the trick to making these links work?"

What you just did.  spell out the URL without the lead characters so it does not automaticly turninto a useless

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Carl S       11/3/2006 12:10:10 AM
I just pasted in the Strategy Page URL in the post above.  Proving this program is so lame it does not even know where it is.  Plus the garbage after 'link' appeared from ????
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Herald1234    I hate this finicky code   11/3/2006 12:35:50 AM

" "
I just pasted in the Strategy Page URL in the post above.  Proving this program is so lame it does not even know where it is.  Plus the garbage after 'link' appeared from ????
All I can do anymore is give a cut and paste. it takes me to long to figure out the  HTML lameness on this board.

Here is the article text.

Online News Room
31 Oct 2006


MINNEAPOLIS — BAE Systems successfully fired the first round from the Future Combat Systems (FCS) Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Cannon Firing Platform.

The Firing Platform is an ultra-lightweight 38-caliber, fully automated 155-mm howitzer featuring a fully automated ammunition handling system integrated onto a tracked chassis. Today’s firing event launched an official Firing Platform testing and evaluation program that will run through 2008.

“This successful firing is a testament to the excellent work being done by BAE Systems and the NLOS Cannon design and development team, including the Armaments Research and Development Command, Benet Laboratories and Watervliet Arsenal," said Jim Unterseher, BAE Systems director of Army Programs. "This dedicated workforce is committed to delivering the NLOS Cannon to our soldiers by 2008 and today’s first round demonstrates we’re right on schedule.”

BAE Systems will continue single-round firing tests with the Firing Platform during the coming weeks. Those tests will be followed by rate-of-fire testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NLOS Cannon’s automation system, which will give soldiers the capability to fire a four-round Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact mission with the push of a button.

The NLOS Cannon is the lead Manned Ground Vehicle of the Boeing/Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) led FCS Program and the 155-mm Firing Platform is the first step toward development of complete NLOS Cannon pre-production units scheduled to be delivered to the Army by the end of 2008.

More information about the NLOS Cannon, including high-resolution images and video for download, are available at >>.

BAE Systems is the premier trans-Atlantic defense, and aerospace company, delivering a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, information technology solutions and customer support services. BAE Systems, with more than 86,000 employees worldwide, had 2005 sales that exceeded $28 billion.

For further information please contact:
Ryan May, BAE Systems
Tel: + 1 763-572-6675 Cell: + 1 612-597-0957
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Claymore       11/3/2006 3:23:50 AM
DON'T use HTML OR ANY pbp code.

just paste the URL in and it works for me

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Claymore       11/3/2006 3:33:55 AM">
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reefdiver       11/3/2006 3:43:55 PM
So is there a specific ammo-carrier designed on perhaps the same new chassis that will be able to keep up with the NLOS-C? One would assume they would also want something that could fit on a C-130 with it.
With its firing rate of 10rpm it would seem you're going to be reloading it frequently.
Also, has anyone seen anything on projected time to reload and reloading method or systems for the NLOS-C?
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