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Subject: 18(self propelled) Field Regiment. RA
Pat Barrett    3/28/2005 4:09:30 PM
My late father, Jim Barrett, served with the above regiment in Burma 1941-46. Does anyone out there know anything about the engagements of this regiment or where information can be found. I have spent months chasing dead ends. The regiment seems to have got lost in subsequent re-organisations. Pat Barrett
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neutralizer    RE:18(self propelled) Field Regiment. RA   3/29/2005 4:11:02 AM
This site gives the bare bones on its page listing all Brit fld arty regts 18 Fd regt was the only regt in Burma equipped with 105mm SPs (M7/Priest), hence its role as 14th Army Troops. Its most distinguished action was the 14th Army breakout across the Irrawaddy. The regt was assigned to 4 Corps, with 1 bty detached to 255 Indian Tk Bde and 17 Indian Inf Div to seize Meiktila in the Japanese rear. This bty (59) was granted the honour title Meiktila for its efforts (only a handful of btys earned honour titles in WW2) and today is 148 Amph Obs Bty.
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john hardy    18th field regiment   4/4/2009 7:50:48 AM
A long time after your posting i know, however here goes.
My Late Father was in the 18 th field Rgeiment in the Burma campaign. 
If you recieve this e mail please contact me, as we may be able to exchange information.
Jonh Hardy
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