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Subject: Favorite Military Science Fiction Character
pragmatist    9/6/2002 10:47:40 PM
It is great to see the choices for Favorite MSF book. There are so many great titles from which to choose. How about Favorite Military Science Fiction Character? I'd say my personal favorite has become Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vor Lord series. But my other favorites have to include: (in stream of consciousness order) Andrew Wiggens, Juan Rico, Jack Ryan, Conrad Schwartz, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Paul Atriedes, Willard Phule, Sam Damon, Lazarus Long, Johnny Tremain, "The Mule", Honor Harrington, Jack Holloway, Rick Galloway, James Tiberius Kirk, Manual O'Kelly Davis, Nicholas Seafort, "Wiz" Zumwalt, Nathan MacKinnie, Harry Redington, Matthew Brooks Dodson, Horatio Hornblower .... .... others?
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Desertmole    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   9/19/2004 2:33:54 AM
Commodore John Grimes of the Rimworlds Naval Auxillary. Something of a mix between James T. Kirk, Horatio Hornblower And Richard Bolitho, with a pipe and a zipper that refuses to remain closed.
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Uncivilized    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   8/19/2005 6:45:45 PM
Joe Haldeman's Major Mandella in "Forever War". This book is a retake on "Starship Troopers" but view from a disgruntled vientnam vet point of view. However, viewed from a Physis point of view it is a very realistic depiction of the problems inherent in futuristic war. It lasts a long, long, long, time. U
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Astropunk    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   9/4/2005 6:45:00 AM
No one has mentioned Felix from "Armor" by John Steakley. I realize it's a little unrealistic, but the whole concept of him wanting to die but his subconscious keeping him alive is interesting
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iratius    RE: West of Honor, etc.- note to eon   9/15/2005 2:36:44 PM
You can find a FREE! electronic copy of The Prince here: Bunch of other books there too, i
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jastayme3    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   12/6/2005 10:25:02 PM
I'll bite Gurps Traveller: Sword Worlds Hr. Greve Lars Rasmussen, a respected intersteller "condottieri" specializing in training local forces. ---------------------------------------- Darth Vader ---------------------------- Worf ------------------- the Romulan captain that Kirk killed in "Balance of Terror" ------------------------------------ Captain Ramius, Hunt for Red October(is that sci-fi, or spy story?) ------------------------------------------ Aragorn --------------------
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BasinBictory    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   12/24/2005 6:24:31 PM
* Career Ship's Sergeant Zim * Chang - the Klingon warrior in Star Trek VI (badass with the nailed on eyepatch!)
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Lion    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   2/2/2006 8:24:12 PM
Andrew "Ender" Wiggin----Ender's Game Julian "Bean" Delphiki---Ender's Shadow-Shadow of the Giant MasterChief--------------Halo,2
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Mex101    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   2/2/2006 9:41:08 PM
jean-luc picard, Startrek Generations, other than Woppie, he is the only actor i hear of that acted in that show. Funny guy too :)
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TriggaFingaz    My provisional choice   2/15/2006 1:56:33 PM
Private Hudson and Corporal Hicks from Aliens.
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interestedamateur    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   3/24/2006 9:33:33 AM
Reza Malin, the SpecOps Mercenary team leader in Peter F Hamilton's "The Reality Dysfunction". The ultimate moral soldier.
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