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Subject: Books
Hasib Ghorgi     9/4/2002 10:21:59 PM
only book to read is the Koran it is the true book the bible is for pagans
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The Myrmidon    RE:Books   9/5/2002 12:57:33 AM
Aw, geez, Hasib's been here, too.
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Adam Selene to Ghorgi Boy    RE: Books for Pagans   9/5/2002 7:25:13 AM
Sez Hasi: ## the only book to read is the Koran ## it is the true book ## the bible is for pagans Actually, the Pagans are a biker gang. That being the case, how's about *ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE* instead? Om. ...
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Jay    RE:Books   9/5/2002 4:40:01 PM
Really? I always thought the Koran was just a really scary Tolkien book.
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Jay    Oh Ghorgi boy, the pipes the pipes are callin'..........   9/5/2002 4:45:15 PM
Have a ham sandwich and a couple beers and chill out dude........
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bsl    RE:Books   9/5/2002 6:40:17 PM
Ah, so we finally see that so-called Hasib is a fake. A real Muslim would know that Islam considers the Bible a holy book; the word of the Deity.
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Adam Selene to bsl    RE: Books   9/6/2002 8:01:08 AM
"In the 1990s, some Saudi religious leaders tried to have Shias declared pagans." (see It may be that the definition of "pagan" - and the status of the Bible as a book suitable only for such folk in the eyes of an Islamic True Believer - might fit Ghorgi Boy's peculiar worldview. "If these [the contents of the Library at Alexandria] agree with the One Book [the Koran], they are unnecessary. If they disagree, they are pernicious. In either case, therefore, let them be burned." - Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, 640 AD
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Hasib Ghorgi    RE: Books for Pagans   9/6/2002 6:07:49 PM
koran is the true book and the book that millions live there life by
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bsl    RE: Books   9/6/2002 8:08:25 PM
Adam, Different issues. That the Bible is considered Holy Writ by Islam is a basic tenet of Islam. Rather as Christians consider the Torah Holy Writ, but add the New Testament, Muslims consider the Bible holy writ, but add the Koran. The business about the Shi'a is a disagreement over interpretation of issues in Islam.
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Hasib Ghorgi    RE: Books   9/8/2002 7:56:14 PM
shut up pagan and dont tell me about the koran only a imam and tell me about it
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Geist TO: Hasib    RE: Books   9/9/2002 12:54:32 AM
Man, what's an 'imam'?
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