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Subject: New book on Free Download this weekend
John Davy    12/13/2012 5:04:34 AM

These are my Credentials - Military Tales of the Unexpected Book launch Free to download on Kindle Platform 14-16 December 2012 Recently retired British Army officer Brigadier Jeff Little OBE has written a series of short stories under the title of “These are my Credentials.” Episode one is now published on Amazon Kindle. According to Brigadier Little, conspiracy theories abound whenever secrecy prevails. “Did man really land on the moon in 1969? Did an alien spaceship really crash land at Roswell, New Mexico in 1974? Do the Illuminati really want to impose a New World Order to rule over mankind?” asks Jeff. The answer to these and many other questions will probably never be satisfactorily answered in some minds. These are my Credentials (Kindle book) is currently free and available for download on their Amazon : This range of quick-fire short stories take the reader on a journey from the green heartlands of Hampshire where tranquillity is suddenly shattered by tribal jealousies resulting in attempted murder on a bedroom door. They range in time and space from the grey skies of Belfast to the lush jungles of the Far East and on to the Oil well fires of Kuwait. Whether all of these tales represent the truth, are purely fiction or are simply an embellishment of the basic facts is for the individual to decide. Who knows what dark and deadly secrets lie behind the facade of government spin? “I am delighted to get this first book published” stated Brigadier Little. “We have some cracking stories to get out there.” You can keep up to date with us on our blog on Look for article on These are my Credentials and you will find a link. It is about 5-6 back from the front. just scroll down until you see older posts
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