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Subject: Loss of a visionary & sci fi hero: so long, Arthur C Clarke
doggtag    3/20/2008 6:59:08 AM
Maybe not so much on the military side, but for those of us who've loved science fiction for most of our lives, we sadly bid farewell to one of its greatest. Sir Arthur C Clarke passed into the Great Cosmic Beyond, at the age of 90, from his home in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. :-(
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TrustButVerify       3/20/2008 8:11:26 AM
He'll be missed. After ninety well-lived years and so many wonderful stories, though, I figure he deserves some rest.
I think my first Clarke story was Rendezvous With Rama when I was 12. 2001, Childhood's End, Songs of Distant Earth, and many others followed, but to this day my favorite piece overall is still that simple little short story, "The Sentinel."

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Treadgar       3/21/2008 5:13:32 AM
A moment of silence for Arthur. I've read so many of his works. It's sad to see him go.

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Heorot    Dogtag   3/21/2008 2:56:32 PM
If you're a science fiction fan, you probably like Jerry Pournelle's work.

Bear a thought for him too; he has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour and is logging his progress and treatment on his website. If you're interested, its on the View page at
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