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Subject: battlestar galactica marines
andyf    3/23/2007 10:57:22 AM
youve been seconded from earths forces to go fight toasters for the galactica- what weapons would you request. ..? 1 rifle type, 1 pistol type. 6 grenades
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Ehran       3/23/2007 11:19:33 AM
seems kinda doubtful that anything we have access to in the way of conveniently sized man portable stuff would be very effective against toasters. 
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Jeff_F_F       3/23/2007 6:04:19 PM
Rifle : Bullpup liquid propellant ETC rifle with a variable geometry firing chamber and regenerative recoil absorber in the stock that coverts recoil energy into electric power to keep the battery charged. 7mm tugsten core APFSDS ammunition, 50cm barrel, longitudinal rotating bolt for bullet feed at up to 2000rpm. Propellant injection and firing chamber size are controlled via annular pistons--semiautomatic fire at 1500m/s, CQB burst fire at 750m/s. Over and under configuration with 25mm semiautomatic solid propellant grenade launcher (see grenade section for options). Electronic components are resistant to EMP.
Pistol is actually a cut down version of the above grenade launcher capable of launching the same grenades at a lower muzzle velocity due to its shorter barrel. It uses a 6 shot cylender, and a layout typical of machinepistols with a folding stock and two pistol grips for control.
The 6 available grenades will be broken down between launched grenade and hand grenade options
Launched grenades
HEMR - High Explosive Multi Role : Uses a high explosive filler in the nose with a deformable casing lined with BB-sized antipersonnel pellets. The fuse can detonate the round on impact as a high explosive plastic round or as an airburst weapon.
HVRJDU - Hyper Velocity RamJet Depleted Uranium : A depleted uranium penetrator with a solid fuel ramjet built around it. Barely supersonic muzzle velocity rises rapidly to a maximum of over 1500m/s at 100m. When the solid fuel ramjet burns out it causes the outer rocket casing to fall away from the central penetrator like a sabot.
HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank. A relatively light round with an explosive shaped charge, has the least recoil and is the usual round for the pistol.
Thrown grenades: All are designed to be either thrown by hand or hurled with an atlatl (like those things that dog owners use to throw a ball farther)
Fragmentation: Your standard HE fragmentation grenade, primarily useful against humanoid targets. The cylendrical shape isn't the most aerodynamic but can be rolled accurately indoors, detonates after 5 seconds or controlled by a computerized accelerometer. Can be fitted into the atlatl for increased range.
HED - High Explosive Demolition : A concussion grenade, sachel charge, and sticky bomb, and booby trap rolled into one easy to use package. Liquid high explosive contained in a rubbery case with a textured (but non-adhesive) surface. The detonator is either timed, activated via a computerized accelerometer suspended in the center, or activated instantly as a booby trap. The safety control is a two part stem that can is inserted into a flexible tube that penetrates one side. When the pin is pulled the inner part of the stem can activate the detonator in one of 3 ways--pulled directly out, rotated 180 degrees before being pulled out,  Pulling halfway out allows the inner stem to be twisted 180 degrees then pushed back in which activates the booby trap mode. Pulling straight out activates the accelerometer. Twisting first, then pulling out activates the timer. In accelerometer mode the computer tracks the rate of change in acceleration and detonates the grenade when it determines that minimum acceleration has been reached and it is beginning to accelerate again. When thrown or dropped in accelerometer mode the grenade flattens creating a plastic pancake effect before exploding. No adhesion is needed because the grenade explodes when it stops decelerating. The programming causes it to explode if caught and thrown back as well. The grenade can also be pushed into small areas before being activated by the timer. When in booby trap mode, pulling the inner stem out triggers the detonator instantly.
Javelin: This is a combination between a grenade and a light anti-armor missile (not to be confused with the 21st century weapon ) It has a 60mm HEAT warhead and is designed to be hurled using the atlatl. It has a short range AESA radar seeker head that finds a target independently of the control of the hurling individual. When it finds a likely target it adjusts its trajectory then fires the solid rocket engine to hit.
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Jeff_F_F       3/23/2007 6:57:46 PM
Wait, do you want modern human weapons? If so then ...
Rifle : XM25 or XM109 with 25mm HEDP rounds
Pistol : H&K MP7
Grenades : White Phosphorus smoke (distraction, messing with thermal vision, incindiary)
     HC smoke (might help some and not as dangerous as willie pete.)
     HE / Concussion (what's not to love about a big can o' TNT)
     HE / Fragmentation (for humanoid opponents)
     RKG-3EM (for whatever good that would do me...)
     Molotov Cocktail (...ditto...)
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andyf    toasters   3/24/2007 12:42:42 AM
was considering what theyre made of, cant be thicker than about 5 mm. think of the weight. these things can lope up and down stairs without making cartoon holes- they cant be that heavy.
I think 556 would penetrate, they seem to do pretty well on BSG with somthing similar.
my pick ; FN P90- got nice anti armour properties, lots of ammo.
            o dwyer VLE- if it exists in production yet, would work , if need be, in vacuum/underwater
            the british army's new frag grenade, sposed to have armour penetrating frags- class III they reckon,
             some WP ,- of course,
 i dont know if claymores would count as a grenade, or if the frags would go through 5mm armour
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Yimmy       4/6/2007 3:37:51 PM
If I were going to meet the badies in Battlestar Galactica a rifle wouldn't be the sort of protection I'd be after....

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andyf    toys   4/8/2007 7:18:48 PM
so what would yimmys toybox contain against the toasters?
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Yimmy       4/9/2007 1:40:57 PM
Oh, are we just talking about the toaster ones?

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