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Subject: Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion
roolix    7/24/2003 6:17:07 PM
I ll be pleased to have ppls fill,confirm or contest titles in the list. War films : * THE GREAT ESCAPE = absolutely great must seen. * Lawrence of Arabia * Bridge too far * River Kwai * Kelly's heroes (Eastwood) * Where eagles dare Not seen but known to be good: * the Guns Of Navarone * Dirty dozen Air: * The Blue Max * The Battle of Britain * Memphis Belle * The Final Countdown (S.F.) "Character" films: Indiana Jones 'n the last crusade Hogan's heroes ( a serial indeed, but a fun serial ) Philo: *Dr StrangeLove *Paths of glory NEw : *Band of bro' *Save Private Ryan Other personnal : the good,the bad and the ugly ,ape planet, Space odyssey,the endless story,alien 'n all good sci films i can't rembember... Animation: Spirited Away (chihiro) The King and the Mockingbird ( totally unkwown real masterpiece took several years to mount better than any dysney).
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Crusader    RE:My Favs   7/24/2003 8:03:33 PM
Ground: Black Hawk Down Go Tell The Spartens The Siege of Firebase Gloria We Were Soldiers Air: The Battle of Britain Command Decision (Clark Gable!) The Final Countdown Bridges of Toko-Ri Sea: They Were Expendable Midway ('cept for the air footage....) Other: Tears of the Sun Dr StrangeLove Paths of glory I know there are more I like, but it is late. Todd
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roolix    MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   7/25/2003 2:00:42 PM
THX THX I ve not seen one of those ( i ve not even seen the recent B.Hawk.D /We were soldiers/ Tear of the sun ...To lazy to see them in the cinema.I'll wait for them to come on TV :) ) I think i'll try to rent "go tell the spartens" , "They Were Expendable". I like movies that mix war /good scenario 'n cool characters. I forgot to mention now that the word Vietnam hit my mind : Apocalypse Now ,Full Metal Jacket... Platoon ,Forrest Gump (much drama, but some hilarating scenes). Since u're a valuable source, have u also some good old movie (not necessarily war ) to mention.One with some sort of alchemy? For instance good acting/scenerio ,genre mixing? Or something unusual? --------------------- For me movie worth a look is a succession of good scenes , or sometimes an ok film but with an astonishing scene. A definetly great thing would be to collect those astonishing scenes...(what i'm seeking). For instance , i said u The Final Countdown is an unique movie for his unique combat scenes (F-14/zeros) (can't find that in an other film , and that definetly fun , hmm?) In the same way , you should see the great escape ( i'm not forcing u ,although..) because there's a collection of surprisings WWII prisonners getaways: there's a fantastic unsual Moto scene ending with the main character tryng to jump up the wires at the Switzerland border.Parallely ,one other steals a plane,one other is undercover in a train ,one in boat...Sticking scenes. Full Metal Jacket is good from begining to end because it's kubrick ,excellent shooting ,but excellent characters and scenes (most striking scene (near the end) : the expression of a female VG sniper ready to die). Yep this should be the topic ,finally! Describe the most striking scene u remember fro ma film!!! Sorry for big posts ,my DSL is down so i try to write offline.
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Crusader    RE:MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   7/25/2003 2:38:15 PM
Well, for me, the last scene in "They Were Expendable" is one of the most striking. The first time he saw it, my 10yr old asked me what happened to the guys that did not make it onto the C-47, and I explained to him that a good many (most?) died in Japanese POW camps, and in the Bataan Death March. Always chokes me up. Asd for old movies, I love "Sgt York", "talk of the Town", and "People will Talk". The last 2 are non-war, both have Cary Grant, and are great movies. The final scene in "People Will Talk" is a classic! Another scene that brings tears to my eyes is in "Black Hawk Down" when the 2 Delta snipers who recieved the MOH posthumously volunteer to go down. I have seen the "Great Escape" many times, but it just is not one of my favorites. I prefer more combat related movies. Same with "Full Metal Jacket", tho' R. Lee rocks! (He's great in "The Siege of Firebase Gloria") May be hard to rent "Go Tell the Spartens", as it is rather obscure, but a must see if you like Burt Lancaster. "They Were Expendable" pops up on TCM every few weeks, a must see John Wayne movie. Almost forgot the "Sand Pebbles", with its powerful final scene. (Also partial to that scene as I love the BAR!) "Tears of the Sun", I borrowed from a co-worker, but I will have to buy the DVD, as the fight scenes are moving, and the footage of the SEALS HALO jump from a Greyhound are interesting, as rarely have I seen footage of a Greyhound anywhere.
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roolix    RE:MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   7/25/2003 6:45:38 PM
Thx ,for the new references... In fact ,i watch TCM like but in froggystan (i hope there's not to much difference in programmation,this evening there is a film called "don't leave me" with Clark Gable 1953,have u it also on schedule in US?). I ll try to catch "They Were Expendable" . To further continue with memory recover , (you evocated china with sand pebbles) , i can only remember the final scene of "The empire of the Sun " when the father lands in a zero (i don't remember much how'n why) to take back his son made POW(shining sun ,aircraft like huging the ground like in the last Pearl Harbor =nice picture). Concerning R.Lee he's really too much in the begining scene of Full Metal: "Is that u John Wayne or is this me?" "Who the f*ck said that ? Who 's the little communist sh*t twinkle c*ck s*cker down here who just signed his own deathwork?" In fact ,the only reason i like GREAT ESCAPE is for the bikes chases ,but also the idea of stealing a german plane as a POW.I like to see the man riding a good engineered german bike like a Harley in Tenessee ,with MGS rubbing his back. In fact , i could quote an other WWII TV movie wich was quite lame taking action in greece(don't remember the name) .But there was 5 mins bike chase in narrow streets that stick you to the couch( i can't understand how the stuntman manned it in so few space left ). In fact , i love chases that 's the reason. So chase + war = joy (i like well engineered genre mix) In the same mood Kelly's Heroes make u feel what it would have been to have a hippie tank commander: "stop being negative ,ur negative waves will thrown up the plan!WOOF-WOOF-WOOF(impersonating a dog) Just imagine it will work "
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Crusader    RE:MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   7/25/2003 7:50:19 PM
"Horse Soldiers" and "Seabiscuit" are on TCM tonight here. True about "Great Escape", a great chase scene. Check out "Bullit" (also Steve McQueen) For an awesome chase scene! I had forgotten about "The Empire of the Sun ". I haven't seen that since it was in the theatres! Need to grab a copy and catch up! Just watched "Kellys Heroes" again about a month ago. Love Clint Eastwood and Donald Sutherland! I love Clint in "heartbreak Ridge" and "Fire Fox". Wish he had made as many war movies as westerns, but if he had, I doubt I could afford to buy them all. 8^( "Behind Enemy Lines" has quite an intense 'chase' scene, with a SAM chasing the F-18. Slightly overdone, but decent for a modern film! Speaking of genres, for a true belly laugh, "Top Secret" is a must see! Val Kilmers best film, in my opinion. I am in tears everytime I watch it, I laugh so hard! Great chase scene, also. Another fiction/what-if classic is "Red Dawn". Thought provoking! Scarier more, as it could have been reality if things had broken down! Then there's "A Bridge To Far". I could never stand Monty. Arrogant boob!
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roolix    RE:MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   7/26/2003 9:13:01 AM
Damn, i think only "theme" films are 100% sure in common between the US and FR TCM version (sigh-some marketing analysts have made theier ways through). Maybe , the film will come in a month or more ,or who knows on another movie channel (let's hope so). Enemy lines on TV soon ,i'll very surely see it. I like all Clint movies , i have Firefox on tape (can just remember some pictures, time to see that again). I'll try to rent "top secret" since this is the another kind of movies i'm keen to see (totally screwball), if u have other in mind tell it ( Austin Powers gave me some good laughs). The clash of characters is really funny in Hearhbreak Ridge , notably the black guitarist effusions vs Clint Eastwood coldness , I like much the scene where Clint shoots at the lazy soldiers feet ,they turn yellow :) His work really looks like turning a vacation camp into a boot camp. Red Dawn seems worth a look for my mindled mind too: in the same mood i like New York 1997( i like films creating a funny on universe on an assertion : here what would it look like if we turn L.A. into a no-laws zone?) Or Judge Dred ,i find it funny to see the man aplying condamning every rules broken in hostile territory where breaking the law is a hobby. Have u seen the good,the bad and the ugly? If you have to see one western ,i think this should be the one. Clint eastwood ,Lee Van Cleef and Billie Wallach are performing really good.I still remember Billie Wallach performance as an amoral/funny desperado , confronting Clint's coldness(a little like the guitarist in Hearthbreak ridge). About animations recommend "Grave of the Fireflies " (WWII japan), moving and well done. A bit fish out water : i don't remember much of my chilhood , but some far moments are marked by films. Only 2 films marked my child mind: "E.T." and "the King and the Mocking Bird". I am amazed how i could remember those and the moment just before and after going in theater,knowing that the most of my souvenirs of the period have disappeared. Some films act like hypnotism :)
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roolix    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   7/29/2003 5:33:38 AM
That was an interesting talk(thx for participation)... I've just seen Platoon again , and i can just add screw Sgt.Barnes.
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JCH    RE:red Dawn ???   7/30/2003 5:05:56 AM
"Another fiction/what-if classic is "Red Dawn". Thought provoking! Scarier more, as it could have been reality if things had broken down" I guess you're joking??? I've never laughed so much in my life... anyway, I am sure the soviets were doing the same type of movies to scare their kids...
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JCH    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   7/30/2003 5:09:31 AM
And what about the "Thin Red Line", "Cross of Iron" (Peckinpah and the MG42 firing in Slo'mo that's one of the most striking scenes with the opening of private Ryan ) What about "Stalingrad" ( NOT Enemy at the Gates, pleaaaaase...) These are also war movies no ? Unfortunately not the Hollywood type... But I tend to prefer them... Another good one ( I don't know if you can find it in English) is "La 317ème section" on the first Indochina war... in Black and White, you never see the viet... great...
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Crusader    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   7/30/2003 7:25:33 AM
"Thin Red Line"? Didn't care for it, myself. Glad I did not have to pay to see it, honestly. Great cast, but the movie just lacked something. As for "Red Dawn", it is an interesting concept that was quite concievable, though unlikely. Hence the "fiction/what-if". Differences of taste. "Croos of Iron" is a great movie, though it has been ages since I have seen it. Is it out on DVD? May have to find a copy. As for "La 317ème section", non-english is not a real problem, as long as there are sub-titles in english. Non of my Kurasawa are in english, so I have no problem reading sub-titles. Will search for a copy.
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