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Subject: StarGate - Possible or impossible?
fall out    10/7/2004 9:31:41 AM
Im sure most of you are well aware of the tv show Star Gate; i was just wondering what your thoughts are on the actual possibility of traveling through space like that?? Cheers, Fall Out :)
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Cocoonboy    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   11/22/2004 7:10:09 PM
Maybe the only theory of time travel is hypothetical ? Maybe that's how one time travels. Why is it alway's more complicated to get to these futuristic events ? And if these fictional events are based on nothing but fiction, why do we regard even the thought of a theory in the first place ? Time travel.......hmmm. I just can't imagine it as it has been imagined by others. Most people assume a giant device of some sort needs to be built in order to achieve the ability to time travel. What if it required nothing more than a pure single note from some musical device at a certain moment of the day ? Who knows ? All I do know is that a StarGate is a silly idea. Would'nt a time travel machine eventually become something other than ? Would'nt the mathmatical formulas become more than ?
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A Patriot    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   11/22/2004 9:22:44 PM
I too think stargate is a bit cheesy. I also believe the smallest thing can set our universe way offcourse.... what if it already has? Time is all relitivity, it's not a constant. So time travel is possible, we just can't achieve the neccessary velocities and what not to truley know. In regards to is the government (I don't think it is the american government that is hiding something, like it is displayed on all the sci-fi shows. It could Be Australia, Saudi Arabia, or more likley, The Egyptians...) hiding somting that has to do with life in another world or galaxy, then yes! No doubt, it could be the smallest discovery with no real knowledge of what was found or what is being hid. I wrote like a 5 page essay on what there has to be and the chances of there being what has to be there for there to be sustainable life, but the damn computer crashed my explorer..... I may type it again next week :(
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blacksmith    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   11/22/2004 9:44:03 PM
If you're talking about people traveling around by means of a technology beyond their comprehension, I believe you are describing 90% of the people who drive or fly today.
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dark    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/3/2004 5:43:33 AM
My problem is not the energy it takes to open/control/maintain a single worm hole but the way and speed at they are open, closed, and then re-opened to a completely different place. Where's the wormhole switch-board ?
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blacksmith    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/4/2004 12:35:21 PM
In the script
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Cocoonboy    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/4/2004 11:34:10 PM
I don't know about that wormhole idea. All of these things are theories we keep revolving around like gravity. Somebody say's " Wormholes " and the next thing you know we got computerized grids and more math junk just to make it fit. Where are the beginings and ends to these nothings ? We ought to call them " The Nothings " until somebody shows up with proof besides chalk. How come your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go ? Have you ever pondered that ? Maybe you are the time machine after all ? Sometimes we hijack a ride with this or that author, but what makes the book good ? You do, thats who. Where did you go on page 60 that I did'nt ? Same page, yet your world was structured in a way that if we both took a picture niether of us would know it's the same page. Yet for some reason we both bought the same book so at least one thing in those two different pictures has to be the same. What is it ?..
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Cocoonboy    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/4/2004 11:41:27 PM
What if we are living on an actual brain cell ? Are we a bunch of daydreams of some giant moron ? That would just about cap it off eh ?.
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interestred    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/23/2004 5:49:04 AM
ok guys, as u might know, technology advances at an exponential rate, instead of arithmetic. if i invent or discover something today, the next step will be faster cuz i will use todays knowledge to take it, but after i have taken the next step, the 3rd step wud be even faster because im using the last 2 breakthroughs as my base. it took thousands of yrs to make the 1st aircraft. then ina 100 yrs, we have so much diversity n flexibility n advancement. it took so long to make the 1st analog computers, but ina span of roughly 40-50 yes, we have our current super computers, which get faster every week, which will infact get faster by every day in a while. ur pentium 4s will be obsolete ina few months if not already. so i guess, wed be atleast in the concept stages of stargates withing out life spans, next 50 yrs. well, atleast i hope so.
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Ehran    RE:StarGate - Possible or impossible?   12/23/2004 1:09:14 PM
the problem with stargate isn't the engineering which as you say advances at a great and increasing pace. it lies rather in the breakthroughs in fundamental understanding of the universe which happen at highly irregular intervals if at all. quantum mechanics has some interesting ideas that may someday lead to stargate like technology but to pin any kind of time frame is wildly optimistic at this point.
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   RE:StarGate - Possible!... but not likely   12/25/2004 2:01:03 AM
Theoretically, a traverseable worm hole (aka Stargate) is possible, but it isn't likely. First of all, traversable wormholes do not occur naturally in classical physics. This is understood to be fact, as the causal chain necesarry to create them is simply not possible in a non-probableistic universe (we know, theoretically, how one would go about creating a traversable wormhole - therefore, we can say with theoretical certainty whether or not that chain of events can occur in the classical, or macroscopic, universe). However, quantum mechanics holds that on some sufficiently microscopic level, the universe ceases to be causeal and becomes probableistic. At this level, then, that traverseable wormholes exist becomes a matter of probability, rather than causeal possibility (that is, that the causes which allow for the creation of traverseable wormholes require more energy than is contained in the entire universe is irrelevant, as a probably universe allows effects to occasionally occur absent their relevant cause). So, if we explored a sufficiently vast expanse of the quantum foam (the infinitely microscopic quantum universe which is below our own), we must inevitably stumble upon a traverseable wormholes, given the rules of probability (it's a matter of when, not if). At this point, one must have the resources to create exotic matter (the quantum material which may or may not exist, and is in turn the building blocks of real matter, bridgeing the gap between the micro and macroscopic universe), and "pump" it into the traverseable wormhole. When a sufficient quantity of exotic matter has been introduced into the traverseable wormhole, it will cease to exist at a microscopic, or quantum, level, and instead grow to exist in our own macroscopic universe. We can then take advantage of it. If it sounds far fetched, it's because it is..
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