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Subject: If this is true it explains some things to me
CJH    10/17/2010 3:07:41 PM
Quote - Where does Cohen's thinking, and a very similar approach by Bernard Kouchner, Franco Frattini, and Miguel Angel Moratinos come from? --Two of the four authors are Jews, and their view expresses the traditional Jewish Diaspora (or Galut, if you prefer) attitude: What our neighbors think of us is the most important issue. Why? Because lacking their own country, economy, and means of defense, Jews were helpless. The response was that we had to make people like us, we had to prove we were the best citizens of all, and that we didn't have (as the antisemites charged) our own selfish agenda. And that's why so many Jewish intellectuals criticize Israel. On the one hand, they are dedicated to a universalist agenda which involves the dissolution of any Jewish peoplehood. On the other hand, Israel goes against the Diaspora (Galut) strategy of trying to prove that Jews are as close to being perfect as possible. They want the conflict ended not because it is Israel's interest but because it interferes with the image they hold of themselves and want to project. For such people, Israel's interests are secondary and they won't hesitate to betray them. - Unquote The big lie about Israels delegitimation threat in media - By : shokat.saleem Quote - --Once you admit the fact that the Gaza flotilla and other problems (including the continuation of the Israel-Palestinian and Israel-Syria conflicts) are caused by actions of the other side, you remove the ability to solve them from Israel's hands. You might have to blame the Arab or Palestinian or Islamist side. This type of article never ever does so. What if they said that there are deliberate campaigns to undermine Israel's legitimacy as part of the broader strategy of destroying Israel? Then they would have to take Israel's side, which is what they most want to avoid. And so while there are a few safe targets--bin Ladin, Ahmadinejad--these people can criticize they will never criticize the Palestinian Authority for, as examples, rejecting the two-state peace offers of 2000 or refusing to negotiate at all from January 2009 to May 2010. BUT if you only blame Israel for the problems and never its enemies you are--ta-da!--delegitimizing Israel! --And thus those complaining that Israel is, in effect, delegitimizing itself are energetically involved in the process of delegitimizing Israel. What if they were to say: Israel is being delegitimized! This is a big lie and must be fought against so we are going to give you the facts about what really happened. Instead of Cohen's defamatory 21 words they would be quoting things like the testimony of the ship's captain about how the Jihadists prepared to attack the Israelis and he tried to stop them. Then, the delegitimization campaign would falter and--guess what?--the threat would be dismantled. Instead, they are the single main cause of delegitimation in the West! - Unquote
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Shirrush    Please clarify.   10/18/2010 9:21:23 AM
The only link you provide to the text you're quoting is to a Pakistani(?) forum where it was likely copy-pasted from another, unspecified source.
This is clearly a pro-Israel, pro-West piece and as such it is unlikely to have been written up by poster "shokat.saleem". The forum post points to some obscure gay activist blog, and we still don't know who the author is.
Also, I would like to understand which "big lie" you are referring to.
As to the article contents, well, they sound good. Delegitimization is a prerequisite to destruction. It happened to us before, in the 1930's, so we know both the tune and the lyrics and they are nothing new. The only innovations are the technical ones, such as vastly enhanced media and far more lethal armaments, and the simple fact that we are not entirely defenceless this time around.
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Shirrush    Got it!   10/18/2010 9:41:10 AM
As I was suspecting, the article is by Barry Rubin. Googling up a whole sentence really works sometimes!
Rubin's job is to remonstrate against Israel's enemies. He can be described as a major warfighter on the PR front, and a good one at that. Criticizing Israel's policies is not his job (it's mine since I am actually paying for them...), just as Mr. Cohen (of the NYT?) job is to bash Israel at every turn in order to help our enemies prepare our violent demise.
Please note that this English language battle goes way over the head of Yossi Memootza, the Israeli Average Joe, and finds no echo whatsoever in the Hebrew media. Life goes on, but if we'd be paying attention to everything that's being written in English about us, we'd be sitting in the air-raid shelters trembling with fear. Instead, we have collectively adopted the strange serenity of the prey in the predator's maw, and it works!
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