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Subject: Israeli alternative strike against Iran
Pambas    3/23/2010 6:07:20 PM
Looks like Iran is going at steady pace toward a bomb and the US is not interested in helping the Israeli in not turning into nuclear ashes. They did so by denying them a shipment of bunker buster bombs ... be we now that the IDF is not run by idiots, so they surely have some stock pile. But the US is also unwilling to provide green passage over US airspace i.e. Iraqi airspace, so will we can expect the Saudi give the Israeli passage in an act of unholy alliance, what are Israeli alternative to take out Iranian nuclear facilities ? Will I don't believe that Iran would normally be a threat to Israel, the true is that they are fanatics and they could lunch a nuclear strike against Israel even at the cost of 4 million palestinian death ... after all we are in the 21 century and we need some Jihadi Nuclear martyrs in some sort of twisted freak progress My Idea is that Israel since Israel can't get bomber there, they could instead lunch a series of Ballistic missiles to crush the reactor. The first ones would have a 2 ton lead warhead made, the idea is that the free fall energy from the sub-orbital fly would be enough to crack open the reactor .. 2 or 3 missiles with conventional war heads could finish it So in the second time in Israeli history the basic act of throwing a stone will save them ... the first time was when David defeated Goliath If any of the IDF is reading this ... please forward to the highest level of command ... I just want a souvenir from the Givati brigade :D
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