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Subject: Chas Freeman & the Turning Tide
Sambation    3/16/2009 7:40:17 AM
Many of you have probably seen the Chas Freeman controversy. For those who have not, he was the National Intel. Council chair appointee until it was revealed that he had ties to the Saudi royal family, the bin Ladens, and served on the board of CNOOC, China's 3rd largest oil company (the one which tried to take over Unocal). Freeman "withdrew" his nomination, but made a basically anti-semitic screed on the way out. The usual vitriol about the "Lobby" -- uppercase "L" included. The anti-Israel left is now touting this guy as a hero. His past anti-Israel comments ("Israel has no talent for peace", as if Israel's Arab opponents are little lambs) has given him such standing that his ties to the Saudis and China, his sycophancy of the Saudi King, whom he called "Abudllah the Great", and his lament that the PRC showed too much restraint at Tiananmen Sq. in '89, have all become magically transparent. There is only one issue now -- the Israel issue. The Lobby. The octopus arms of the Jewish monster. I did not and would not have written about Freeman, who was sort of low-level State Department scum until now, had it not been for the visceral anti-Israel response. The facts (Nancy Pelosi's opposition to Freeman, letters by Chinese rights activists opposing him, etc), which are a liberal's kind of facts, have been swept away. What remains is a pulsating, latent hatred. A new destination for anti-Semitism which has found anti-Lobbyism as a vehicle. The tide is turning, to put it bluntly. Europe has clearly tilted back towards anti-Semitism, partly out of fear of its soon-to-be Islamist conquerors. But the US seemed to be cleaner of this ill. Perhaps not.
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Shirrush       3/16/2009 6:03:07 PM
I'm a little bit relieved now that this Saudified sandmole has left the scene. Your basic point, however, is perfectly correct. The tide is turning on us, and it's an foul, ugly one too.
On the bright side, we have recovered from far worse f*ckedness before. See, Purim was only a few days ago. We did not have a government back then either, and our leader was a back-stabbing, double-crossing, sycophantic pimp! He was even more of a lowlife than Olmert, Hirschzohn, and Netanyiahu all bundled together!
Hopefully it will all end like the Megilla, with a nice, tall pile of dead antisemites and a prettily decorated gallows...
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Sambation       3/17/2009 10:58:06 AM
Does that mean you fasted this year, Shirrush?
Anyways, hopefully that's right. But back in those days of yore, it was the Jewish "community" fighting against a single government, or governor. The difficult thing today is that it's Israel/Jews fighting basically the world. Maybe there are one or two countries which haven't crossed incredible red lines, like Britain's refusal to allow certain Israelis on its soil, or France and al-Dura, or all of Arabia doing everything it does, or Argentina/Venezuela/Central America cooperation with Hizbollah, and Africa training and...etc.
Luckily the majority of these countries' leadership and their accessory entities are deranged and/or incompetent. That offers hope -- I guess?
But seriously, there are some scary trends emerging. The scariest among them is the backsliding of the Israeli legal system, away from sound, concrete moral concepts and rule of law towards a selective application of abstract and generally empty notions such as "human rights", "equality", "discrimination", and "democracy." It should be noted that I believe that people are created equal, that some form of democracy should govern, that racial discrimination is wrong and corrupt; however, the concepts are perverted rhetorically, a la Durban Conf., and Israel is quick to self-blame in these respects.
If it seems like I'm rambling, it's because I am. But also because there is too much to say. I can only distill it in a positive sense as: a need for Israel to retrench, consolidate, unite, and acknowledge the priority of Jewishness in the state, even if that concept must be subject to philosophical negotiation.

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HERALD1357    Brace for the windstorm.   3/17/2009 11:36:49 AM
The political crazies of America are now in control of the Washington machine. Louis Farrakhan is now regarded as a MODERATE.
I kid you not.
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