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Subject: 2002 Saudi Peace initiative
norden    11/15/2008 11:58:18 PM
There is talk of this on other boards where i fight anti-semites and Jihadis lol old habits. I realize the problems in a divided Jerusalem in regard to defensive positions. I dont think it would work, but has anybody else heard this? Obama Wants Israel Back to 1967 Borders Saturday, November 15, 2008 6:17 PM Article Font Size President-elect Barack Obama intends to pursue a Mideast peace policy that calls on Israel to revert to its pre-1967 borders in return for official diplomatic recognition by the Arab world. A senior Obama adviser told the London Times that Obama will throw his support behind a 2002 Saudi peace initiative that also has been endorsed by Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the Arab League, and Israeli President Shimon Peres. Under the plan: Israel would be able to veto the return of Arab refugees expelled in 1948. Israel would restore the Golan Heights to Syria. Palestinians would be allowed to establish a state capital in east Jerusalem. According to the senior adviser, Obama has said privately that Israel would be "crazy" to reject such a plan, since it would "give them peace with the Muslim world."
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norden    dbl post   11/16/2008 12:00:09 AM
sorry mods could you delete one i got an error message and resent
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Ezekiel    the phased plan   11/16/2008 6:22:04 AM
This "plan" is just another attempt by the Arab countries to weaken Israel....Israel in return for establishing another Arab state, addin to the list of the already 20+ arabs states that current;y exist in exchange for some kind of recognition. WOW!!! the areabs will recognize Israel....Israel in return for a silly piece of paper will cede its historic homeland, won in hard faught battle to a genocidal terrorist riddled people that will be able to launch mortars on Ben Gurion Airport....there is a reason that the 49' armistice borders were called the "Aushwitz" borders". far from heralding in a new era of peace it will be a precursor to an assured war.
Arabs have a hard enough time keeping agreements amongst themselves....sorry if I don't put my faith and Israel's security in an agreement that the Arabs would make with Zionists! Land for peace is an unethical equation. Peace can't be bought it is a state of mind.
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norden       11/16/2008 1:33:13 PM
I dont have any faith in it either Ezekiel. In fact if they did pull back and cede this land to a Pali state then Israel would be at a horrible strategic disadvantage. I am not under any delusion that the PLO, Iran, Syria and Ilk would suddenly throw down their arms and establish diplomatic relations with Israel. I was just concerned over this article and how naive it would be for the Obama administration to implement and use as a peace initiative.
I am just fighting with white supremacists and radical muslims regarding this initiative. Its very frustrating since some of them have no idea Israel was at war before 1967 lol

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Ezekiel    Fighting the malaise!   11/16/2008 3:09:30 PM
I sympathize with your frustrations... Truth is though that all this is Israel's fault not because of what they are doing but because of what it refuses to do...which is to understand that they are in war, an unceasing conflict. That the 6 wars if you don't count the pre state violence is only battles in one big intractable conflict (Arabs refusal to reconcile a sovereign jewish state in the ME). The5th column Israeli-Arab, the Palestinian national struggle, the Lebanon-Syrian-Iranian threat, the Saudi's with there money and influence (wahabism), and so on... Instead Israel chooses the path of least resistance to its own peril...with the suicidal secular left in Israel leading the way with their nose in the air and their brains locked in an ivory tower.
The fact that Jerusalem is even mentioned now in the diplomatic equations speaks volumes to the depth of the Jewish states current malaise in defending its interests and protecting its sovereignty. 

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norden       11/17/2008 1:19:53 PM
Ok false alarm per Haaretz today. I was surprised how some groups took this and ran with it. Now they will use this to say America and Israel do not want peace.

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Top Obama aide denies report president-elect will back Arab peace plan" width="10" height="3" border="0" alt="" />
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A senior adviser to Barack Obama on Sunday denied reports that the U.S. president-elect plans to throw his weight behind the 2002 Arab peace plan, which calls for Israel to withdraw from all territories captured during the 1967 Six-Day War in exchange for normalized ties with the Arab world. 

The British Sunday Times said Obama expressed this sentiment during his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories last July. 

Dennis Ross, Obama's adviser on Middle East policy, issued a statement Sunday, saying "I was in the meeting in Ramallah. Then-senator Obama did not say this, the story is false." 
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battar    Miss Universe   11/17/2008 2:31:48 PM
"I have a plan for world peace" is exactly the sort of wooly headed vapor you expect to hear from "Miss Universe" contestants and presidential candidates. One reporter labeled it "blowing sunshine up our arses".
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