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Subject: Why do people hate muslims?
Tylor    3/27/2006 12:03:34 PM
Why do people hate muslims so much? What did they ever do to you? And if you're about to shout '9/11', I just want you to know that they didn't do that. Did you know that people think that Islam is a cault, it's a religion, just like christianity. If one christian did something wrong, would you blame all of christianity? Even though Usamah Bin Laddin didn't do it. Did you know that most muslims did n't even know who he was until 9/11, and I know for sure new student did. I hate people who judge people, they should all watch the movie 'loose change' and then shut up. They don't even know what Islam really is, it has NOTHING to do with politics or countries or arabs! It's a religion, you don't have to be american to be christian. So please watch 'Loose Change', it will tell you the real FACTS about 9/11. Thank you..
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swhitebull    RE:Why do people hate muslims?   3/27/2006 1:34:25 PM
Because we CAN. Any other brilliant questions you want to ask before you confirm that you are more than a part-time idiot, and a candidate for tin-foil hat treatments? Im sure you love fahrenheit 911 and believe it the gospel truth as well. Why not take some time and read more than the funny pages for your education, you might even graduate to the 4th grade at that rate. swhitebull - Your rants are very old hat on these pages. Been there, seen that. And have all been debunked as the rantings of delusional congenital idiots. You are just one more that deserves to be removed from the gene pool, and at least fished out of the shallow end, which it seems you were dropped into head first. Your so-called movie has been FISKED on these pages more times than you shake a rotten brain cell at. Thoroughly and totally debunked as brainrot rubbish. Have a nice day. And dont forget to take your meds - seems you skipped a day or so.
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Azmodius    RE:Why do people hate Tylor?   3/27/2006 1:43:54 PM
"Why do people hate muslims so much?" Read the quran and hadith. research the life of muhammed and you should have a good idea. "What did they ever do to you? And if you're about to shout '9/11', I just want you to know that they didn't do that." muslims have done plenty. they invaded palestine and stole it from the byzantines and jews in the 7th century, thus prompting the righteous crusades to expel them. the muslim moors invaded sicily and spain. they practice hate and intolerance against all non-muslims. And yes, i know other cultures and peoples have done the same. ...As far as the 9/11 thing, i may actually need a tin foil hat because im starting to think there is more to it than what the world is led to believe.... "They don't even know what Islam really is" I know exactly what islam is. its a vile religion that commands its followers to not befriend non-muslims, kill them, and a whole assortment of other nasty little things. the truth is most muslims dont know islam. they just listen to whatever their whack-job leaders tell them about it. did you know muhammed was an incestual pedophile?
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mustavaris    RE:Why do people hate Tylor?   3/28/2006 12:27:57 AM
Not in particular order: 1# 9/11 2# London bombing 3# Madrid bombing 4# Cartoon protests 5# Fortyin 6# van Gogh 7# Rushdie [and connected killings] 8# Suicide cult in Levant [especially] 9# Inability to compromise 10# It´s not the Chinese, it´s not the Koreans who cause problems in many many western streets: it´s the islamic arabs. 11# Honour killings 12# Ultimate hypocrisy, their lives are far further from their words than almost anyone else´s [on average] 13# Lack of religious freedom in their countries while demanding that for themselves in our countries Et cetera, say a number, I think we can give you as many reasons to hate them. And I am the all understanding leftist of this site;-) And I don´t hate them, my sympathy level is just running low.
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Jungle-Man    RE:Why do people hate Tylor?-The answer   3/28/2006 2:38:15 AM
Because he is most likely a hippie, and as the shirt on the ad clearly state: Hippies Smell
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BrittleSteel    RE:Why do people hate Tylor?-The answer   3/28/2006 10:40:02 AM
I dont have anything against Muslims i judge them on a individual basis. But i would not trust the Palestinian people (not muslim people) with my life as I have personally experienced their hate and had to face it. I have dealt with Israeli Arabs and some Palestinians individually and have found them to be decent and agreeable, but the people in general and hteir leadership i very much don't trust at all. If i think about it, i don't hate them, i pity them. There lives could be so much better and peaceful if they would only let it. I question you should ask is why on Earth did you post this thread in the Israel topics?
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The Lizard King    9-11 & bin laden   3/28/2006 11:04:02 AM
bin laden made a tremendous tactical error with 9-11. The problem for Muslims will be compounded if Europe gets hit on a scale equal or greater to 9-11. Why is it that Muslims never denounce terrorism? When you hear from the Muslim Community, they always tell us Islam is a peaceful religion. Interesting message to convey in light of what is occuring on a global basis.... Here is an idea. Why don't Muslims Jihad against terrorists? Why don't American Muslims Jihad against those who attacked their Nation on 9-11?
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FJV    So when have you stopped beating you wife?   3/28/2006 12:14:13 PM
I say that until we start executing people for converting to Islam, Muslims have no reason to accuse us of hatred.
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Herc the Merc    RE:9-11 & bin laden-Lizard   3/28/2006 12:32:50 PM
Wrong-- Iranians were one of the first to public express outrage over 9-11. In general Moslems are pretty nice as any group--the strict interpretation of Sharia is an issue for the rest of us in 2006, but then nothing is perfect and they do restrict Sharia to their own countries which we cannot do much about.
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Herc the Merc    RE:So when have you stopped beating you wife?   3/28/2006 12:34:44 PM
Strict moslems do not drink--alcohol and wife abuse are the biggest problems as in Russia and most countries that allow alcohol. Wife abuse proportional to alcohol not religion. Wrong again.
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FJV    RE:So when have you stopped beating you wife?   3/28/2006 12:41:57 PM
Except that a bottle of beer does not come with instructions on how to beat your wife "the budweiser" way.
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