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Subject: My Name is Rachel Corrie may NOT play in New York - some sense at last
swhitebull    3/14/2006 8:50:02 PM,,14936-1571035,00.html From former presidential speechwriter David "axis-of-evil" Frum: I have to admit being grimly amused by this, from this week's edition of the newsletter of James Zogby's Arab American Institute: a bold rallying to the defense of unfettered free speech, which has come under assault from ... oversensitive Jews. "Freedom of Speech, As Long As I Like What You're Saying… "The much-anticipated New York debut of the London hit 'My Name is Rachel Corrie' has been put on hold due to concern from the New York Theater Workshop, which was to stage the production. The play tells the story of the American peace activist who was killed in 2002 by an Israeli bulldozer trying to save a Palestinian home. The piece was written by British actor Alan Rickman and The Guardian's Katherine Viner and uses letters and e-mails from Corrie to tell her story. According to the New York Times, NY Theater Workshop artistic director James Nicola 'said he had decided to postpone the show after polling local Jewish religious and community leaders as to their feelings about the work.' He later said, 'It seemed as though if we proceeded, we would be taking a stand we didn't want to take.' By not preceding, Nicola is taking a stand as well…" You can read a more honest assessment of the Rachie Corrie play here, here, or here. But leave that aside for the moment. You might ask whether the Jewish theatergoers of New York had threatened to burn down the theater and murder the playwright. But leave that aside for the moment too. More striking is AAI's bold assertion that plays and other forms of speech must proceed at all costs. A valiant principle! Do you suppose it applies to Danish cartoons? Ah well, that's different. The cartoons you see represent "racist" speech. And that's completely different! Or, as James Zogby himself puts it: "To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense since every culture, by definition, has its taboos. The measure of a civilization is not the freedom it provides to defile taboos, but how respectful and sensitive it is to the taboos of diverse cultures, especially those within its midst." But some cultures in our midst are more "diverse" than others--and it is their taboos that some would impose by violence on everybody else. Quite successfully too, so far. Let's see if this blogspot can help over the coming weeks to shake things up. swhitebull - welcome back, David.
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Shirrush    RE: Israel board's post # 21,000: gotcha!   3/15/2006 1:33:41 AM
St. Pancake is still dead as of today, and, while claiming post # 21,000 on this board, I cannot help wondering why you chose to create a new thread, instead of using your old one, After all, does her case deserve more than one thread?
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swhitebull    My Name is Pancake Plays in Toronto - Sadly   7/11/2008 6:49:03 PM
The Patron Saint of Terror  
By Steven Plaut | Friday, July 11, 2008


Toronto, Canada, has been the latest city to be victimized by the Rachel Corrie Lobby.  This is an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish lobby that seeks to demonize Israel and blame it for the death of the clueless Rachel Corrie, who died in the Gaza Strip trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from uncovering a smuggling tunnel being used by terrorists to bring weapons and explosives into Gaza for the purpose of murdering Jews.  Corrie placed herself in a position where the dozer driver could not see her.  He struck her accidentally and she later died, probably from incompetent care, in a Palestinian Authority medical facility.  Corrie had gone to Gaza as part of a delegation of the pro-terror "International Solidarity Movement," which supports "armed struggle" against Israel's existence.


Corrie for all intents and purposes committed suicide in her efforts to prevent Israeli anti-terror operations from proceeding.  That did not prevent the American flag-burning Corrie from becoming the patron saint of anti-Semites all the way from David Duke on the Far Right to Alexander Cockburn on the Stalinist Left.

The anti-Israel lobby also decided to revise history with the malicious "My Name is Rachel Corrie" piece of propaganda.  An Israel-bashing "play" that lies about what happened to Corrie (not!) and which lies about who was really responsible for her death (her ISM comrades and herself), it has already polluted the cultural life in many cities.  When first proposed for the Toronto theater, the Canadian Stage Company wisely decided not to stage it.  It is about as artistic and politically balanced as a 1930s Goebbels film, and indeed the two share part of the same political agenda.  But later it was staged in Toronto and recently played there at the Tarragon Theatre.

The Corrie parents have also been running their own little anti-Israel jihad.  Writing articles for anti-Semitic magazines and web sites, and doing the Grand Bash-Israel Speaking Tour, the senior Corries did not even have second thoughts when they themselves were kidnapped January 5, 2006 by terrorists while visiting the Gaza Strip, although they were quickly released.  After all, they were of more value to the Hamas roaming the world freely.

The Corrie lobby has never had any interest in any of the Rachels, Jewish women named Rachel, who were victims of the Palestinian terrorists assisted by Rachel Corrie and her ISM terrorhoid friends.  And there have been quite a few of those.

And while the Corrie lobby and the Corrie parents have spent years capitalizing on an accidental death in a bulldozer accident caused by the stupidity of a pro-terror naif in Gaza to make trouble, they have been thunderously silent about the mass murder this week by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem, where three people were murdered and dozens injured by him intentionally after he commandeered a construction bulldozer.

Batsheva Unterman had to undergo long periods of fertility treatment b

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